Anyone can help stop domestic violence by taking these steps

abusive marriage

Most people in violent marriages suffer silently and fear to walk out because of stigma. Being known as a divorcee/separated... some stay because of their children and others with reasons best known to them.

The victims get intimidated by perpetrators hence lack the confidence to report such matters. Psychologically the perpetrators feel great by the oppression of the victim because of over dependency.

It takes a bold heart to walk out of such marriages and stay happy, it doesn't matter what the world will brand you, it doesn't matter if you will be the laughing stock of the society, what matters is your own HAPPINESS. You have a single life to live, there is no replacement of your eye if it will be plucked off.

Anyone can help stop domestic violence by taking these steps:

  • Call the police if you see or hear evidence of domestic violence.
  • Speak out publicly against domestic violence. For example, if you hear a joke about beating your spouse, let that person know you aren't ok with that kind of humor.
  • Maintain a healthy, respectful romantic relationship as a model for your children and others.
  • Refer your neighbor, co-worker, friend, or family member to a domestic violence outreach organization if you suspect he or she is being abused.
  • Consider reaching out to your neighbor, co-worker, friend, or family member that you believe is being abusive by talking to him or her about your concerns.
  • Educate others on domestic violence by inviting a speaker from your local domestic violence organization to present at your religious or professional organization, civic or volunteer group, workplace, or school.
  • Encourage your neighborhood watch or block association to watch for domestic violence as well as burglaries and other crimes.
  • Donate to domestic violence counseling programs and shelters.
  • Be especially vigilant about domestic violence during the stressful holiday season.
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