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In an informal gathering, a birthday party or a dinner with friends the selection is much larger. You can put on whatever dress you like. There are no special requirements. Put the dress in which you feel most comfortable or just choose one that you have not put on for a long time. Besides choosing a dress, it is important to comply with the right choice of accessories like shoes and a bag. With an improper combination, the effect of the nice dress will be negligible. Therefore, we must pay particular attention to that moment in the selection. Fortunately today, there is a variety of online stores for women’s clothing and dresses, making your choice less difficult and the possibilities considerably more than years ago.

The scarf will add color to the otherwise dark outfit. It will help with the wind and if the weather gets chilly towards the evening, it will come in handy. Have a bright colored scarf that will brighten your outfit and add a sparkle to your day.

The good thing about a long sleeved top is that you can never go wrong with it.
Black skinny jeans go well with anything and they can be worn to any place; well not so much for the office. But for a picnic, these pants will do you justice.

I always insist that heels can sometimes be a nuisance on a fun day, thus the reason I recommend rubber shoes. Flats always work on a day when you have nothing to do but relax and have fun with your other half

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