Characteristics of inner beauty that wife materials should possess

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Characteristics of inner beauty that wife material should possess

Beauty is not static, it is constantly changing with influences of media, culture, religion, modern trends including fashion. Contrary to what is told, beauty is beyond skin deep, it is not only about outward appearance, but even much more so inner beauty. You are fearfully and wonderfully created in the image of God. Beauty is created not only by the outer appearance but by many other qualities that add up to the beautification.

Characteristics of inner beauty that one should aspire for;

• Be real and true to yourself
• Love and respect yourself
• Be loyal and genuine
• Be honest and of high integrity
• Discover the treasurer within you
• Understand your strength and work on your weaknesses
• Have a generous heart, supportive, and considerate
• Constantly renew your mind concerning self
• Have an attitude of gratitude
• Sharpen your mind with knowledge and skill
• Be passionate and follow your purpose
• Exercise humility
• Forgive always
• Exercise unconditional acceptance
• Love deeply
• Love God, for he is the giver of every good and perfect gift.

Work on your inner beauty and your radiance will attract many towards you. Inner beauty is more attractive, appealing, appreciated and acknowledged. Whatever you do, remember when you glow from the inside you are beautiful beyond description. As you grow, continue to take good care of your outward appearance. This is honorable and pleasing not only to you but to all those that you will interact with.

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