Ladies, Never do this when in relationship!

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Cheating is not the only cardinal sin in a relationship. Even if he is not saying out loud, you should know that it really hurts.

There are always a few deal-breakers that can screw up any relationship. While most couples feel cheating is the absolute worst thing their partner can do to them, the truth is there is a lot more to what makes or breaks a relationship.

Yes, your partner cheating on you hurts and it is non-redeemable. But, there are other gestures that hurt as much.

In fact, since cheating has been branded as a cardinal sin, most couples don’t realize that they are hovering on the periphery. In most cases, they are naive enough to not realize that the mistakes they are making are equally bad.

If you have been doing any of these things, you really need to put a stop to it.

Contacting Your Exes

Are you in touch with your ex? Does your partner know about it? If not, then you probably need to tell him.

Being friends with an ex is not a big deal–until you are hiding it from your mate. If what is still brewing between you is just friendship, you probably shouldn’t have any qualms about letting your partner know. However, if your bae is insecure about the whole deal, then it’s best to keep a safe distance from your ex.

Ignoring Him For Work

When you are in a relationship, it is imperative to strike a work-life balance. It is important to focus on your career, but that shouldn’t be a reason to take your partner for granted.

If you are committed to your work, don’t forget that you are also committed to your mate. Canceling dates all the time for the sake of your work is not okay. Also, make sure you don’t let your professional commitments hog the time you spend with each other. That’s precious too.

Hiding Health Issues From Him

Ladies, your partner has a right to know if you are suffering from any specific sexually transmitted disease (STD) or other long-term ailments. And it’s best if you have an honest chat with him. Hiding health issues or keeping him in the dark about it will only make matters worse.

And come on, what if you end up passing the disease to him. How will you live with that?

Venting Out Someone Else’s Anger

You might be angry with your boss because he refused to give you a well-deserved appraisal, but don’t take it out on your partner.

Yes, we understand that it’s inevitable–you will show your true emotions to the person you are closest to, but don’t let that become a habit. Just because he puts up with your mood swings doesn’t mean that you see him as a punching bag.
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