5 Early Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Unfaithful

5 Early Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Unfaithful
If your girlfriend suddenly insisted that you use a condom, there is a probability that she is having sεxυal intεrcoυrsε with someone else.

1. Calling you nicknames instead of your actual name. 

Simple math. To avoid slipping up and calling you someone else’s name, she gives you a nickname. People always end up calling their partner wrong names especially during sex or conversations she isn’t interested in.

So with that, the cheating partner might choose to manufacture a nickname to make sure such slip-ups won’t happen.

2. Always texting instead of a voice call. 
Cheating partners always find the least opportunity to text their partners when they are in someone else’s company.

You can be texting back and forth but she will never pick your calls, it will go directly to voicemail. She could be with somebody and doesn’t want them to know she’s communicating with you.

Likewise, she doesn’t want you to know she’s communicating with them.

3. Spending more money and time on her looks. 
If she is suddenly overspending to look elegant, it could be she is trying to impress someone else other than you.

Experts say drastic changes in wardrobe, hairstyle, and physique could indicate that one partner is trying to impress somebody outside of the relationship.

4. Condoms. 
Out of the blue if she insists you wear a condom before making love then something is fishy. It can suggest there is a breach of trust and she is having sexual intercourse with someone especially when you know perfectly she is in her safe period.

5. Always on social media.
Social media is a great medium for single people to get the hook and start their love story. There are single eagerly searching for a partner so if your partner has suddenly picked up social media trends, they could be flirting with someone.

It usually starts with liking his images, exchanging numbers, sending instant messages, and eventually meet in person. After a few dates, the love develops and infidelity settles in.

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