Things Every Woman Thinks Before, During & After Love Making

Things Every Woman Thinks Before, During & After Love Making
Women are faced with different types of thoughts once it comes down to sex. It could be anything from scary to downright funny. Most times, they find it hard to vocalize these thoughts.

Here are some of the things every woman, thinks or has thought about at some point in her life during sex:

AFTER: ‘What is he thinking about?’

The common thought after sex (probably for both sexes) is about what the other is thinking. For some women, these thoughts could involve things like, ‘Did he enjoy it?’ While for other women the thoughts may revolve around things like, ‘Could he be wanting a round 2?’. ‘I wish he lasted longer.’

AFTER: ‘Is he asleep already?’

It's very easy for men to fall asleep after sex, and for some women too. Then again, when the arm a woman has been resting against hasn’t moved for a while, or the cuddle grip around her waist is still tense, it's highly likely the thoughts in her head are plain and simple – has he fallen asleep already?

AFTER: ‘What’s for breakfast tomorrow?’

No matter how good sex is, a lot of women can’t rid their brains off of their daily chores, especially if they have responsibilities such as young kids. After some fun nighttime stretching, it is quite likely that a woman deep in thought right next to her husband on the bed is thinking of nothing more than what her children might have for breakfast or what to give them to school for lunch.

BEFORE: ‘Do I need to trim a bit down there?’

Most women want to please their men in bed. It’s also no secret that men are moved by what they see, even if you have been married for 20 years. A lot of times, sex may have fallen into a schedule for some couples, and a woman’s thought before the big night is if she needs to have a trim or not.

DURING: ‘Am I going to have an orgasm now?’

Having an orgasm for some women is like finding the proverbial golden fleece, in simpler terms, it may never happen. That doesn’t mean that they don’t think about it. Most women permit their minds to wander in this direction, especially when their husband is touching and hitting them in all the right places.

AFTER: ‘I wish he could last longer. Sigh’

Imagine you’re hungry, and you’re given 5 spoons of rice, there is no way you are going to be satisfied. The same thing applies to sex, some women’s hunger for sex (don’t worry, you’re not a sex freak) is high, and most men do not take the time to tune into this, that they end up not lasting long enough to satisfy their women. So, women, end up filling unsatisfied and having thoughts on how they wish their husbands could last a bit longer in bed.

DURING: ‘I hope my body looks attractive in this position’

You’re both having a good time, and all of a sudden he moves you into a different position, and you are self-conscious about your tummy hanging out, or your boobs looking like two fallen heroes?. These thoughts are normal, but give your self some credit, you’re the mother of his children, the woman he has been with for how many years? He loves every curve and flaw you have.

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