It’s the one question I have been asked so very often: Can a woman slay without spending big? What most people think is that all slay queens are loaded but to tell you for sure, not all are loaded with some is pure hustle and bustle.

Who doesn’t want to look like a million bucks? Not all of us can afford to buy designer clothes and shoes. Not to mention the original make-up. Truth is; there are those who blow a fortune on designer stuff but do not look classy at all. Fashion and style are not about how much it cost. In my opinion, it is all about how you pull it off. A 5-dollar top and a 500-dollar top might bring out the same look if the 5-dollar girl knows just how to style it.

Here are a few tips to get you started


Wear whites on whites, blacks on blacks, greys on greys, reds on reds……. You get the picture. You can break the monotony with a belt, a colored handbag or jewelry. Wearing monochromes makes you look classy and expensive. If you have to wear two colors, let them be solid colors without any prints or patterns.


Every girl should own a tube of red lipstick. It is classy and will transform any outfit and give it a bright edge. No matter how boring your outfit is, a red lippy will not make you look cheap at all. The good thing is you can wear red lippy with anything! Be sure to invest in good quality lipstick. It will definitely be worth your while.


You can wear Givenchy, Louis Vuitton or Gucci but if your outfit is creased, has tears or stains on it, no one will care how much you bought your clothes. To look expensive, you have to be neat. Ever heard the saying ‘Fake it till you make it’? That is what I am referring to here. You can get your clothes from a thrift market but if they are clean, well ironed and without any damages, you will definitely look better that one earing expensive but not neat. A little ironing, pressing and mending can go a long way.


Your hair and nails have to be well done. There is no way in hell you can slay with bad hair and unkempt nails. Chipped nail polish is a no! no! It is better you avoid nail polish if you are one to keep it on until it chips to form maps on your nails. Manicure should be well done. Your hair should be clean and well done as well. If you are having a bad hair day, a turban or a hat will do. Make sure to style them correctly though, depending on the outfit you are wearing.


We all know how expensive designer clothes can be. There are knock-offs in the market that can pass off for originals. If you feel like you really need to wear designer to slay and you can’t afford the originals, you can go for market knock-offs that look almost the same but are friendlier to the pocket.

Same goes for make-up. There are make-up dupes that work really well. No breaking the bank in order to stay fly. I believe that whether you look good in your make-up or not depends mostly on your handiwork. Be careful not to buy make-up that contains ingredients that might harm your skin. You don’t want to go for too expensive but you should definitely not go for too cheap either.


I personally love heels. I know that they have the power to transform a look in the best way. Heels are stylish, elegant and classy. Like red lipstick, heels will make you look expensive without you even trying. Kitten heels will not work well in this case. Go for court pumps or platform heels. Colored heels are the best.


Do not overdo accessories. I would not wear a necklace, chandelier earrings and countless bangles in one outfit. Pick a single statements piece to go with a certain outfit. Accessories have a way of making a loud fashion statement that oozes class and sophistication.


You can slay in your outfit, but if you have a rash, huge pimples or flaky skin, that is all someone will notice when they look at you. It doesn’t cost you a lot to take care of your skin. Eat right, detox every once in a while, wash your face twice a day and stay away from things that might cause your skin to break out or dry out.

There you have it, ladies, you do not need to buy expensive to look expensive. Just remember, wherever you go, make sure to come out with clean hair, freshly manicured nails, a nude bra and a freshly shaved face.

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