Top fashion trends in Nairobi 2021

fashion trends in Nairobi

Want to stay ahead of the trends? We know that sometimes, following the latest fashion trends in Nairobi can seem like a part-time job. The fashion scene changes so fast it’s hard to keep up. Some looks that come off the runway may seem too odd to pull off in real life. But not to worry. We’ll only cover the fashion trends we feel are practical for everyday wear.

Let’s look at a few runway trends that you can transform into your current wardrobe. The best part is, some of these fashionable pieces could be part of your wardrobe already. We’ll just show you how to cleverly pair them together to create a statement look. That said, let’s go over the top fashion trends in Nairobi.

Chokers and Necklace

Chokers and Necklace
Chokers are back! They were popular in the 90s and today we are seeing more and more people embracing this stunning accessory. Chokers can be work with a casual look as well as with a formal outfit. It depends on how the choker is designed. Some are elegant and sleek so they can blend perfectly with your office wear. This is one of those fashion trends in Nairobi that just doesn’t seem to die off. It’s not the first time chokers are making a comeback. Perhaps the trend is here to stay.

Going natural

Natural woman
If there’s one thing you’ve probably noticed in the streets of Nairobi is the number of ladies going natural is suddenly on the rise. It seems like everyone wants to be in team natural these days. There’s so much craze in going natural, pulling off the afros and short hair look. This trend is likely here to stay. It’s part of the realization that African hair is just as beautiful.

Gladiator sandals

Gladiator Sandals
Have any gladiator sandals in your wardrobe? Well, you need to. This amazing fashion trend is back. In 2021, Nairobi ladies are wearing knee-length gladiator sandals left, right and center. One thing about this trend is that it can look stunning if properly styled. You need to be super careful with what you choose to pair your gladiator sandals with. You can never go wrong with your little black dress and knee-length gladiator sandals. Just make sure it’s fitting enough and that the top or dress is not busy. When you wear something that’s too busy, it tends to overshadow the gladiators. Look out for style icons who have pulled off this style if you want ideas on how to wear it.

African fabric

African Print Fashion
If you don’t have any African fabric clothing item in your wardrobe, you’re committing a huge crime in Nairobi. Kitenge clothing has become too popular nowadays. In fact, many fashion houses in Kenya have items made using African fabric as their core designs. Everything can be made using kitenge. From shorts to jackets, handbags, shoes, and even lingerie. Yes, there’s kitenge lingerie available locally and it’s currently trending. Grab yourself some and head to the coast to show off your African pride. African wear is not just unique but also colorful. You can pull it off at a party, formal event or evening dinner.

The bodysuit

The bodysuit
Ladies, bodysuits are doing a comeback. You probably recognize this design trend from the 90s. It’s 2021 and bodysuits are now hotter than ever! It’s one way of getting a polished look effortlessly. The best part is, you can pair a bodysuit with almost anything. You can wear it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans, some shorts or high-waisted pants. Bodysuits can be perfect if you have an hour-glass or apple-shaped body. Plus size girls are looking absolutely stunning in bodysuits too. Grab this fashion trend and rock on!

Cold shoulders

Cold shoulders
This is yet another style trend in Nairobi that can suit all kinds of body shapes and sizes. It’s time to show off your stunning shoulders. At least showing off your shoulders will never be considered indecent so you can easily pull off this look to the office or a formal event. With a cold shoulders top or dress, make sure you choose a color that suits your body shape. For instance, if you have broad shoulders, a darker-colored top would do just fine.

Block heels

Block heels
Ladies, there’s only one shoe style trend that has dominated the Nairobi fashion scene like crazy in 2021, the block heel. Give those stilettos a rest and get yourself a few pairs of block heels. The best part about this type of show is that you can wear it with almost anything. It’s super comfortable and stylish. They also come in so many different styles. You can have a block-heeled strappy shoe or an elegant one that you can wear at the office. With this style, you enjoy a timeless design with lots of varieties.

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