Receiving a phone call from a lover is one of the most entertaining things to observe.

I love my way of answering a call, my tone suddenly changes when it’s my lover on the line. All of a sudden, I’m this eloquent lady with the perfect tone of voice and I sport an immaculate giggle when it’s time for me to laugh at the humorous things he’s saying over the phone.

I’d say that my number one dead giveaway that my lover is on the line is the change of tone in my voice when I pick up the phone and say hello. My voice becomes smooth and mellow, and I speak in a voice that’s similar to the voice of the seduction lady in lingerie adverts.

If it’s not this tone of voice, then I sound like the lady who does the Magnum ice cream adverts. Her voice is lady-like, smooth, and mellow.

If I find myself in a room filled with people, even if there is one person in the room, I exit the room in an eloquent rush as if I were Cinderella at the ball rushing to the bathroom in her ball gown and heels, and I answer the phone in my mellow tone of voice once I’ve left the room.

The last thing I want is for the masses to hear my private conversation with my lover, and they can tell by my rushing out of the room that someone special is on the line.

The soft giggles are that I make when I laugh are quite classic, because I don’t remember anyone telling me that I have to giggle sweetly over the phone when chatting with my lover and yet I find myself doing it. I guess it’s because of all the love butterflies that fly around once that call comes through that automatically turn me into a lovey-dovey and all smiles person.

And it’s surprising how mellow my tone of voice is throughout the conversation. There’s not one word that said at a high volume, and even my gasps of surprise sound like the conversation that Cinderella had with the prince in the garden; soft, sweet and mellow with twinkle stars floating everywhere.

All I have to say about this is LOL!

I seriously wonder why my demeanor changes when I’m chatting with my lover over the phone. Maybe it’s a natural human reaction to love. Perhaps that how the body deals with all the emotions and twinkle stars that are floating all around.

It’s a fun thing to go through, and I hope that it will continue until I’m old and grey.

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