What You Need To Understand Before Becoming a Commercial Model

Kenyan Model

Being a model is a wide area. Often models get confused about what area they really want to specify in. One of the major areas of modeling is commercial modeling. when it comes to commercial modeling, that is where everyone who has ever called themselves a model lands, and I mean everyone. Why is this the case? You may ask, this is because the quote for the requirement that needs one to be a commercial model tends to be friendly to most of the people. For those aspiring models who have no idea about what commercial modeling is all about, I am about to give you clarity.

What Is Commercial Modelling?

Commercial modeling is a niche that takes advertisements (both print and television), magazines, and catalogs into consideration as a means of approach. It is basically meant to get to the larger crowd in a fun way or a method they can all relate to. More brands in Kenya are resulting in hiring models to represent their brands to the target audience. Commercial models are what you see in campaign imagery, online product shots, billboards, TV advertisements, and product packaging for fashion, beauty, technology, and homeware; the list is endless.

You don’t wake up one day and find yourself already making it in the competitive commercial modeling industry. The industry, like any other job in Kenya, is like a ladder. Unless you were born a Nomi Campbell or someone from the American Kenyan made Jenner, you going to have to fall in line and work in. to get you started, I have some guidelines that will give you an assurance that you are on the right track.

Check On the Requirements

Compared to fashion modeling when it comes to requirements and restrictions, commercial modeling seems like a walk in the park. The requirements for the commercial models are none, specific which means that models of any age, weight, height are able to enroll. That is why in a commercial modeling agency, you will find old and young people alike as different brands and companies will have different specs for the requisition of their models.

Your Representation Counts

Fashion and body parts modeling is all about looks and the posture you give, especially editorial models. With commercial modeling. It is all about how you articulate your words and express yourself in regard to the role you are to play. Most of the Kenyan companies are looking for commercial models who are able to sell their ideas, product, and services to the wider population. How you pitch yourself to your potential client also matters. Most companies are looking for models who are aggressive in a way that is friendly. Whether it is an email or use of the portfolio, make sure you hit the nails on the head.

Commercial Modeling Takes Investments

If you are looking to make money through commercial modeling, you should be ready to make a commitment through investments. The investments will be made in paying for the quality photoshoots that earn you an impressive portfolio

Sell Your Personality

Modeling is all about selling your looks and body posture, but with commercial modeling, an addition of being chatty with hints of confidence is required. Remember commercial modeling is all about selling products, services, and brands. Kenyans made market loves when a brand is made clear to them in a language they understand and feel comfortable. As a model, you need to understand this perspective and be able to pull it off well.

Pay For the Day

If you are just starting in Kenya, we all know of the 20 years’ experience the industry will need you to have at only 18. Yes, it’s that serious and that is why when it comes to the earnings, take it slow until you know where to stand and when to stop. Gain the experience and skills necessary in the field before you get to dictate your rates. Generally, get to know and understand your worth.
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