Just take each day and each change as it comes

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It is true that the constant thing in life is change.

Without change, life would be stagnant and we would never mature as people.

My 20s have been filled with a myriad of changes, all placed under the theme “graduating from being a kid to being an adult”.

I particularly enjoyed moving out of my home and learning to be independent. Having the freedom to direct my own life and find my place in the world has been fulfilling.

A particular change that I grappled with was the change in my friendships after graduation. Friendships are dynamic, with some maturing to a deeper level as people grow and others dissipating as they were seasonal.

It’s difficult to let go of people you care about, even more so to see them drifting away from you, but life has a way of giving you back what it takes, and in this case, it simplifies your life, separating the wheat from the chaff, allowing you to live life with people who are good to you and healthy for you.

Even romantic relationship breakups are a lot more difficult to handle. When I was in my teens and early 20s, it was easy to walk away from a relationship and to get over it, but as of late, I feel like I invest so much of myself and my time into a relationship that when it ends, it feels like my heart is being ripped into pieces.

Death also feels like this.

It has a finality that’s like nothing else on earth because once it comes to take a loved one away, there’s no turning back. Death forces you to live without the physical presence of your loved one, which is something I think we frequently take for granted. I’m learning to show more appreciation for the loved ones that are still with me.

On the other hand, love is powerful, bringing much joy and healing to the heart.

Finding sincere love, where you and your partner truly care about one another and are committed to each other, is awesome. The changes that love brings make you a better person, moving you from being self-absorbed to being considerate of the needs and happiness of your partner.

I’ve never been one to worry too much about my career because I’ve always known that things would work out fine. It was only when I decided to become an entrepreneur that I realized that career change is both fulfilling and stressful.

The first bout of stress comes from the dip in income, and the failures encountered along the way are quite humbling. But having control over my time and the direction of my career is priceless, and I don’t think I can ever go back to being an employee after this experience.

Change is definitely one of life’s constant features that we have to embrace because it comes whether we like it or not.

Just take each day and each change as it comes.

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