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Valentine’s Day is generally a day when men make the women in their lives feel special with gifts, dinner dates or extravagant outings. This Valentine’s day, you’re turning the table round to make your man feel like a king. You will be giving a special treat to that number one person who matters so much in your life and you could be wondering how to go about it, to give this day the attention it deserves. 

Spice it up with these amazing ideas and you would marvel at the outcome:

Wake your spouse up with beautiful red roses and lovely scented flowers that would make him feel love and romance in the air. Present him with a short note about your love and feelings and along with the roses and cards, should come that expression of love and warmth in your eyes which will spark up, lighten his spirits and make him feel really special.

Let your love see the demonstration of your affection for him on the table as he sits down for breakfast. Prepare him that long cherished breakfast you’ve not had time to prepare and surprise him with it and see how this will strengthen your relationship and at the same time, spice it up.

Buy a spa treatment and give your man a romantic massage with scented candles, fragrant-bath salts by candlelight and suggest a romantic day in bed. This can be great and full of fun, giving you the chance to cuddle-up, get playful, watch timeless movies and enjoy wonderful food bought at his favorite restaurant. Most men will love this of course and it will give you just much pleasure too.

Bake your loved one a chocolate cake and present him with a fancy box of chocolates, buy wines, fragrance and a book of romantic poetry to cheer his day.

Not all men wear jewelry but if your man does, you can take him to a shop and give him a piece that he would like. You can get chains, rings or a pair of cufflinks that he can wear for a special occasion. Give him a piece of jewelry that will remind him of you each time he wears it.

Treat your lover to a day of fun and favorite activities or a day of new discoveries. Romance flourishes in the daytime too, so why not take him out in an afternoon ballgame or to watch his favorite movies at the cinema.

Make a red heart out of construction paper and write sweet Valentine messages from your heart and place it on the TV, where he normally keeps his keys or on the front door that will make his heart leap at the discovery.

Create a sexy and seductive board game and collect memories, photos, and mementos of your relationship, decorate it and present it to your spouse. This can be great fun, play a romantic CD that has special songs to someone special like your man so you both can enjoy the day.

Moonlight and roses are very romantic. Try an intimate dinner date with your spouse and order for an unusual cuisine and enjoy an evening of laughter with a dinner theater comedy, mystery night or the gags of stand-up comics.

Does your husband or fiancé like to wear sexy underwear? Surprise him with a special touch of sexy pairs of underwears with his favorite cartoon character in the morning after his shower and watch the smile on his lips. Give him cute sexy boxers that he can wear all the time.

You can find a great piano bar for an evening of cocktail and music. Tip the piano player to play your lover’s favorite songs and jolly-on.
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