Valentine’s Day is the Perfect Day to Propose. See How to Keep it a Surprise.

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If you’re one of those people who’s worried it might be trite or cheesy to propose on Valentine’s Day, here are five reasons why we think it’s still the perfect day to propose.

1. Love is in the air.
Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and romance, so there is no more perfect day to pop the question. Valentine’s Day decor is everywhere as if everybody is celebrating your love for each other. Plus, if it’s cold and snowing, it’s the perfect chance to get cozy and romantic. This is your chance to show the love of your life that he or she will be your Valentine, every Valentine’s Day.

2. It’s your last chance of the season.
Engagement season coincides with the holidays and you’ve probably noticed that a ton of proposals happens on Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Your Instagram newsfeed was probably flooded with pics of newly engaged couples these past few months and your S.O. may even be hoping you’ve been inspired by the love happening all around you.
There’s just something special about proposing on a holiday – it feels like everyone in the world is celebrating with you. Emotions are already high as everyone is surrounded by their friends and family. If you missed out on your chance to propose in December, now is your chance – otherwise, you’ll have to wait another ten months to pop the question on a special holiday. Nine if you want to propose on Thanksgiving.

3. An engagement ring is the best V-day gift. Ever.
In the past, you’ve probably given roses or chocolates. Maybe you even went out for a special dinner. But people do these types of things all the time on Valentine’s Day. Why not go above and beyond by giving your Valentine something to show how special they really are to you? It will be the most memorable and beautiful Valentine’s Day gift they have ever received.

4. You’ll always remember the date of your engagement.
Valentine’s Day is the same date every year thanks to the Gregorian calendar – February 14th. Your phone probably comes pre-set with Valentine’s Day marked on its calendar because it’s such an important holiday. You can easily remember the date you became engaged and celebrate every year. You’ll be able to celebrate not just Valentine’s Day, but the day they said yes.

5. There’s still plenty of time to order a custom ring.
Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Luckily, with Ritani you can order a custom, handmade ring that will arrive in 3-14 days depending on the style of the ring. That’s pretty quick compared to other jewelers. It can take up to four weeks if you purchase a custom ring elsewhere.
Your Valentine deserves something as unique as your love. A custom ring allows you to create something that matches their style and personality. It is something that will celebrate your unique love for each other. Creating a custom ring shows how much time and thought you put into your love and what he or she might want.

How to keep it a surprise.

Your sweetheart may suspect that you’ll be popping the question on Valentine’s Day because it’s such a significant holiday. Here are just a few tips that can help you keep it a surprise.
  • Once you order your custom ring, you’ll want to hide it in a clever place where they won’t find it especially if you already live together.
  • Try to act natural – you may be feeling nervous about proposing, which is completely normal, but acting too strangely will lead them to believe that something is up.
  • Tell as few people as possible. If you need to tell someone, tell someone you really trust, or even better, someone that has no contact whatsoever with your special someone. You don’t want anybody to accidentally spoil the surprise!
Valentine’s Day is the most special day of the year for a lot of couples. Why not make it a memorable one for you and your partner? There is no more romantic day than Valentine’s Day!

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