So applications are done, some have been admitted already (govt students) and some are waiting for admission. But hey, yo time at the campus can be stressful over a simple issue, your roommate!

Cathy who is joining her second year at MKU doing BMS narrates to us her roommate story.

She stole my jewelry, clothes, and even underwear. When confronted,

she refused to look at me when I spoke. She also told me I was the one who violated her privacy (true), but she had been stealing from me all year (she also ate our food ALL THE TIME and lied about it) and I was technically taking back what was mine. She refused to give back one of the blouses (which I’ve had for years) and insisted it was hers. I just gave up on that one. She also told me that I was selfish for not allowing her to just take whatever clothes she wanted because she would “give someone the clothes off her back” and she, unlike me, was a really unselfish person. She told me that it was no big deal that she had taken/lost/broken multiple items of my jewelry because it was just “costume jewelry.” But that’s not even the bad part. This is:

She also had a habit of getting incredibly drunk and high and then bringing back a million guys. She literally brought back men she met ON THE STREET. I don’t care who you sleep with, but it makes me nervous to have a parade of sketchy men coming into my home on the regular. I once woke up to find my room DESTROYED and blood all over the bathroom walls. BLOOD. Admittedly, I had had a lot to drink the night before and didn’t know if I had pulled apart my room in some kind of drunk episode, but I knew I had not been BLEEDING EVERYWHERE and not cleaning it. It turns out, she had brought some random guy home and had pulled my room apart searching for condoms while I was asleep. She wasn’t sure how they got blood all over the walls, but the guy was gone in the morning. She also didn’t clean all of the blood for several days.

She is just annoying to leave with;

She also doesn’t respect shut the fuck up hours & wakes me up in the morning because her classes start earlier than mine, but she’s obnoxious and makes noise in the morning. Oh, and she’s cannot stand anyone touching anything that is hers. She wipes her desk with sanitary wipes every night and freaks out when other people sit on her bed. The year has been ‘hell’, but thank God it's done. Am finding a new roommate next semester.

Tip. Your old boy/girl is joining the same university as you, then lobby him/her. Put up together. If your bro/sis is there, why not live together! You can dodge a stressing.
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