How to Thrive as a Twitter Influencer

Twitter influencer

A Twitter influencer is somebody who can get other Twitter users to notice and talk about a particular person, place, or thing. Even before news breaks on TV, it breaks on Twitter, with bits of news getting picked up and re-tweeted, thereby going viral. Twitter influencers wield a huge impact in the Twitter world, and what they talk about is likely to become the most talked-about topic by other people who follow them and start trending as a result.

When a Twitter influencer mentions a particular brand, trend, or item of interest, their followers catch on and re-tweet it based on the respect and admiration they have for that particular Twitter influencer.

Other Twitter influencers are industry experts who have a reputation for the technical know-how and their presentation skills. They take data and information from the industry and present it to the public in an easily understandable form and also talk about certain niche events or other happenings in the industry. 

Startups often struggle to get noticed on social media, and having Twitter influencers can go a long way in fixing this. As a prospective influencer, here are a few tips you must follow:

Use the right hashtags.

Make sure you have the right Twitter handle and choose hashtags that are industry-specific and easily relatable. Hashtags bring your tweets to the attention of users who aren’t your followers yet. Some tools and websites like Hashtagify help you decide which hashtags to use for a particular tweet and even teach you how to choose them. Make sure you don’t tag too much though, as a post with too many hashtags is unlikely to be read. 

Keep it short.

Keep your content short, to the point, and readable. Social media expert Jerry Low says that your tweets shouldn’t use the full 140 characters because your followers will have to edit yours before they add their say. Making it convenient for your followers to retweet you goes a long way. According to one study, 78 percent of user engagement of followers is through retweets.

Maintain the profile.

Have a Twitter profile that is not run-of-the-mill, with a witty tagline and interesting profile picture to stand out. A Twitter user with a random or no profile picture is less likely to get noticed than one with a good photo. Similarly, a bio that gives a personal idea of who you are as an individual would win the attention of many. 

Stay unique.

Develop a unique style that becomes recognizable and relatable to your followers. They will want to hear from you if they like the way you put things out there. Do not try to copy anybody, be your own self. Always provide a new and different perspective on things and never keep agreeing or disagreeing with others without having something unique and informative to add to it. 

Respond to followers.

Make sure you thank those who find your tweets helpful and deal politely with the trolls. Engaging in a Twitter war is a sure and speedy way of losing credibility on Twitter. As digital marketing expert Ann Smarty says, Twitter is largely about building dialogue and making connections. 

Stand your ground.

Don’t be afraid to go against the tide and have an opinion that is grounded in logic and backed up with facts. People will admire you for this, and you can even call someone or something out first and start a new trending topic! This may, however, lead to arguments that need to dealt with politely. Remember, don’t get into fights and lose popularity.

Use viral words/phrases.

Use words in your tweets that help your follower make an instant connection with what you’re saying. Twitter is your chance to be casual and witty even on the company profile, and this positively influences the relationship you have with your followers. Use the most popular words and phrases that catch a user’s eye so your tweets don’t go unnoticed. 

Twitter is a platform that can help you express your ideas and influence others like no other platform. Your opinions and tactics can have a tremendous influence on the actions of others. So what are you waiting for?
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