Jobs that are most suitable for ladies who love traveling

Jobs that are most suitable for ladies who love traveling

It is usually more fun when you find yourself a job that fits well with your area of interest. By doing this, your job could easily become a hobby, and your effectiveness is also heightened. You may find that you don’t even feel any stress when you are working because aside from the fact that it is what you have to do, it is also what you love to do. As for women that love to travel, there are a million and one jobs that can fit in this area – serving both serious and fun purposes. Why work and then go play when you can play as you work? You can do your job and still enjoy the pleasure of travelling at the same time. 

Here are a few jobs that are most suitable for people who love traveling:

Work for an airline 

The most interesting place you can work as a lover of traveling and adventure is an airline. Apart from the fact that it is the closest you can be to an airplane, the interesting promo offers that are put in place for staffs are very mouthwatering and makes it easy to travel here and there. Given the decreased expenses and easier access to booking of flight and all other processes, if you love travelling, then you should get a job with an airline. 

Travel agents 

Travel agents are also very well-traveled. Because of the fact that you ought to have practiced what you preach, travel agents are usually are one of the few class of people who can claim to have seen the world. Depending on how well you are able to negotiate with your off-shore partners; there is usually a free slot for sometimes every 10 or 20 passengers that you supply. Apart from using this free slot to add to your profit, you could use it to treat yourself to some very nice time. 


One of the rare but very much fun fields is archaeology. You want to study ancient materials and artifacts that can only be found in the heart of Egypt and on neglected plains in Mesopotamia and the rest of the world. This means so much work, but even more it means so much travelling to do. 

Import and export 

It’s always beautiful when you work for money and get to see the world in the process. Being an importer and exporter allows you to travel the world as an agent while you get paid. You buy goods for people from different countries and still get to explore the area and learn new facts. Technically you get paid while just touring the world buying and selling. 

Travel writing/Freelancing 

For a woman that possesses writing skills, you could couple your abilities with your traveling enthusiasm. Traveling around the world and documenting your experiences is so much easier than sitting at home with your lamp waiting for the muse to descend. The quality of your work would even be very strong as it would contain different kinds of experiences in various parts of the world, and different geographical setting. 


One truth that I cannot deny is that the pay grade of this job makes my heart beat when I think about it, and you do not only get to speak for your country in other countries, you’re treated as an emissary, and therefore accorded directly the same amount of respect that your country deserves. Not to ignore also that most of these trips, if not all, are all expense paid trips. What’s more? You get to embark on free adventure and still come back to a very full bank account. 


To do be qualified to do this, you need to be a Christian that is ready and willing to take on the work of evangelism; not only in your country but in various parts of the world. The job will also involve engaging in all sorts of humanitarian services and several charitable acts. Some bodies require that you have a bachelor’s degree while some just require a theological school certificate. Some even allow anyone with proof of basic education and proficiency in English. There is a pay involved, a sufficient one. The only thing about this job is that it is a bit more serious as total dedication is required to take on spiritual responsibilities. The good news however is that for ready ladies, it is a chance to see the world in a new view. 


Your proficiency in several languages can buy you tickets to many parts of the world. Ability to speak many languages a few years ago was just something you use to oppress friends and neighbors. But with the passage of time, it has grown into a rather formal and employable skill. This job may involve traveling with diplomats, government officials, and even presidents themselves to stand as a link between them and citizens of other countries whose languages are unfamiliar to them. The job is a good opportunity to travel round also and someone who loves traveling would most definitely love it. 

The above are just a few out of many as there are other job opportunities that could catch the sight of a travel-lover. There are jobs such as that of international aid, and also event planning. The only thing with event planning is that it mostly involves traveling at a local level. This is also an adventure on its own as Kenya particularly has very interesting areas in almost every state that you could be opportune to travel to in the course of doing your job. The whole lesson that should be learned from this is that your job could be a lot easier if you choose your career from something deep in the heart of your hobby. Young ladies who are about to make career choices should bear this in mind to enable them to make a favorable choice.

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