Ecobank Xpress Mobile Banking App: How to Open Account and it's Benefits in Kenya

Ecobank Xpress Mobile Banking App Kenya

What’s special about Ecobank Xpress Mobile Banking App, you may ask? Well, the app is a unified platform that lets Ecobank customers in 33 African countries shop, send money and pay bills from the convenience of their phones. It is being advertised as the “first unified app delivered by an institution for use in 33 countries.”

How To Get Started in Kenya

You don’t have to have an Ecobank bank Account to use their mobile banking app, you can simply link your current bank account (with whichever bank) to the Ecobank mobile app.

To start using Ecobank Mobile Banking, dial *335# to create an Xpress Account.

This account can be used by anyone over 18 years of age. To complete the registration process, send 100/= to 700205 with your phone number in the format of +2547******** as the account number.

The 100/= will go into your account so you’ll be able to use it or withdraw it later, it is not payment for the opening of the account.

For those who have a smartphone, however, you can just download the application and follow the registration instructions provided.

What can you do with your Ecobank Account in Kenya?

⏩You can make payments using both M-Visa and MasterPass.
⏩You can withdraw from any Ecobank ATM using only a code.
⏩You can link your current bank account with whichever bank to the Ecobank Mobile Banking platform.
⏩You can buy airtime with no extra charges.
⏩You can seamlessly transact with M-Pesa.
⏩You can transfer money from one Ecobank account to another free of charge.
⏩You can pay various bills – electricity, water etc.
⏩You can keep your money in a safe place.

Have you opened your Ecobank Xpress account? Open one today!

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