Online Jobs—Alternative Ways to Earn of Living in Kenya

Ladies with a laptop

The number of youths who are jobless is increasing daily with over 700,000 graduates every year being jobless.

28,000,000 Kenyans, have internet access. The big question is, why aren't this entire population making extra/ full-time income online from the comfort of their homes or offices?

Get your research boots on and you will come across some of these legit online jobs. Guess what? You can do it in your own comfort at home and keep you really busy.


If you enjoy writing, there are tons of websites and blogs looking for content. There are sites you can search for writing and copyrighting jobs. They include Fiverr and Upwork. If you want to stretch your muscles and show your academic prowess you can find academic writing jobs in uvocorp, essay writers, essay shark, and the list are endless.


This is another great opportunity that needs dedication. All you need is a laptop or computer, a good internet connection, and earphones. One is required to listen to audios and type out what they hear adhering to strict writing guidelines. After tutorials, one may need to undergo a test and pass to have their account verified. Some of the top-rated websites to get transcription jobs to include transcribeme, crowdsurf, get transcribed, etc.

Stock images

If you think you have what it takes to be a photographer then go for those shots. The demand for pictures with good quality cannot be stressed enough. Use your creativity and sell your images on shutterstock, fotolia etc. Once interested parties purchase your photos; you get paid. It’s that easy.


If you are talented in something or possess some knowledge in an area of expertise, consider writing an e-book and selling it. Start small by creating awareness and presence by use of social media. For example, you can join Facebook groups in a specific area you have written on and within no time people will start buying. Another way you can get your work out here is through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s one of the best platforms.


Those who are passionate about creating videos, this is the time to start! Create a YouTube channel and get creative. You can use your phone, laptop or computer. Shoot short videos, edit and upload them to your new channel. To get the money you have to monetize your channel by linking it to an AdSense account. This means every time someone watches the ad in your video or clicks the ads then you get paid.

Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is simply the process of acquiring a domain name with a motive of selling it at a higher cost. When searching on legacy domain extensions such as •COM, target at least three to four keywords to keep your options open. Pick domain names that have extensions companies which are willing to dish out money for such as .com, .ke,, .tech etc. To get started, familiarize yourself with how it works and visit a marketplace like SEDO, Flipa etc to start bidding.

Share your opinion

Who knew you could get paid to share what you know? Offer your expert advice and get paid on sites such as JustAnswer and LivePerson. You can also consider taking online surveys but be warned they can be long, boring and pay little. You can try MySurvey, cashcrate etc. but be cautious of fake websites.

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