GOTV Subscription Renewal 2024 (Packages & Prices)

GOTV Subscription Renewal 2024 (Packages & Prices)

GOtv is arguably Kenya’s finest home of entertainment. The pay-tv terrestrial service, which Multichoice owns alongside DSTV, offers everything from local news and dramas to Hollywood and Nollywood blockbusters, and all you’ve to do is pay for your package using the applicable GOtv Paybill number.

Currently, GOtv allows payment for its pay-tv packages using the Paybill number 423655, and you can pay via MPESA using the MPESA menu (or STK), MPESA app, MyGOtv app, MyGOtv Web (self-service portal) or USSD Code *423#.

I’ll share how to pay for GOtv using all those five routes. Moreover, we’ll look at how much each of the six packages GOtv currently offers costs and the type of programs you can expect to enjoy.

Here’s a breakdown of what we shall cover:

  • What is the GOtv Paybill number?
  • How to pay for GOtv via MPESA Paybill number
  • How to pay for GOtv via bank using the Paybill number
  • GOtv packages and their prices

Let’s dive in!

What Is the Paybill Number of GOtv?

According to GOtv, pay-tv subscribers can make payments for their respective packages using the Paybill number 423655, which applies to MPESA payments and a few local banks.

How to Pay GOtv Via MPESA Paybill Number

Using any of these five options, you can use the GOtv Paybill number to pay for pay-tv services via MPESA.

Option 1 – MPESA or ‘STK’ Menu

You can use your phone’s MPESA menu or STK (Sim Tool Kit) to pay for GOtv as follows:

  • Got to the STK Menu and choose MPESA or go directly to the MPESA menu
  • Choose Lipa Na MPESA and then Paybill
  • Enter the GOtv Paybill Number Kenya 4223655 under’ Business Number’
  • Enter the IUC Code (on the red sticker under your decoder) as the account number
  • Input the amount you want to pay for the package
  • Enter your MPESA Pin
  • Confirm the payment and press OK
  • Wait for the payment confirmation SMS

Option 2 – MPESA App

If you have the MPESA app on your phone, you can use it to make your GOtv payments as follows:

  • Log into the app using your MPESA pin or biometric
  • Tap on ‘Pay’ and choose ‘Paybill’
  • Enter the Paybill number 423655 or search for GOtv on the search bar and select it
  • Enter the IUC code as the account number and the amount you want to pay
  • Input your MPESA PIN to authorize payment

Option 3 – MyGOtv App

The MyGOtv app allows you to perform several things, such as making payments, changing packages, checking balances, fixing errors, and renting movies. Concerning making payments, you can pay for your GOtv subscription using the MyGOtv app as follows:

  • Log into your app
  • Go to ‘Pay Now’ on your account dashboard
  • View the amount and edit it if you want to
  • Tap ‘Pay Now’ to initiate payment
  • Select the preferred payment and follow the prompts

Option 4 – MyGOtv Web

MyGOtv Web is an online ‘self-service’ portal that allows you to manage your GOtv account, make payments, and clear errors.

Here’s how to make payments online using MyGOtv Web:

  • Go to the GOtv’ self-service portal’
  • Enter your sign-in details (mobile number and IUC number)
  • Activate a new account if you don’t have one
  • Tap ‘Pay’ and enter the package subscription cost
  • Choose MPESA under ‘Preferred Payment’
  • Confirm MPESA details and continue
  • Wait for a push-up pop-up window requiring you to input your MPESA Pin
  • Enter the MPESA PIN and then ‘Send.’

Option 5 – USSD Code

The GOtv USS Code *423# allows you to check balances, make payments, and clear errors like the app and online portal. When it comes to making payments, here’s how to pay GOtv with USSD code:

  • Dial *423# and select GOtv
  • Opt for the ‘Account Balance & Payments’ option
  • Go to GOtv Profile
  • Enter the top-up amount and choose ‘Send.’
  • Wait for a pop-up that requires you to enter your MPESA Pin
  • Select ‘Send’ and wait for the confirmation SMS

How to Pay for GOtv Using Local Banks

Other than MPESA, you can pay GOtv through the pay bill option through local banks. That includes these three popular local banks:

1. Equity Bank

Equity Bank allows you to make GOtv payments using the Equity Mobile App or USSD code *247#.

  1. Using the Equity Mobile App

You can download Equity Mobile (Eazzy App) from Google Play or App Store and use it to make GOtv payments as follows:

  • Log into the app and press the plus (+) sign at the base of the screen
  • Choose ‘Pay Bill’ from the pop-up menu
  • Enter the pay bill number 423655 and the IUC code as the account number
  • Enter the amount you want to pay
  • Click on ‘Pay’
  • Complete the remaining prompts and wait for the confirmation SMS.

b. Using the USSD Code *247#

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Dial *247# on your phone
  • Choose ‘Paybill’ from the pop-up menu
  • Choose ‘Business Number’ and enter the pay bill number 423655
  • Enter your GOtv IUC number as the account number
  • Input the package amount and choose from which account to pray for
  • Confirm the details and enter your Equity M-Banking Pin

2. Cooperative Bank

You can also pay GOtv using Cooperative Bank via the M-Coop Cash App or USSD code *667#.

a. Using the M-COOP Cash App

Here’s how to make GOtv payments using the M-Coop Cash mobile app:

  • Log into your MCOOP cash app
  • Go to ‘Bills’ and then ‘Utility Bills’
  • Choose GOtv and then enter the GOtv pay bill number
  • Select ‘fetch details for validation.’
  • Tap ‘Save Bill’ for easy payments later
  • Select what account to make payments from
  • Enter the amount
  • Confirm the payment and tap ‘Pay’

b. Using the USSD Code *667#

Coop Bank also allows you to make GOtv payments using USSD, and here are the steps to follow:

  • Dial *667# on your phone
  • Choose ‘Payments & Utility Bills’
  • Go to Pay-Tv and choose GOtv and then Paybill
  • Enter the GOtv pay bill number
  • Choose from which account to pay from
  • Enter the amount to pay
  • Confirm the details and select ‘Pay.’

3. KCB Bank

KCB, like Equity Bank and CO-OP Bank, allows you to make GOtv payments conveniently using the app or USSD code.

a. Using the KCB App

Here’s how to pay for GOtv using the KCB App:

  • Log into the KCB app
  • Tap on ‘Transact’ and then ‘Pay Bill’
  • Go to ‘Other Billers’ to choose GOtv
  • Enter your decoder’s IUC number
  • Enter the amount to pay and submit

b. Using USSD Code *522#

You can also use the USSD code to renew your GOtv subscription using these steps:

  • Dial *522#
  • Choose ‘Bill Payments’ and then ‘Pay Bill’
  • Choose GOtv and enter the decoder’s IUC number
  • Enter the amount and submit

GOtv Paybill Packages and Prices

GOtv offers six packages to cater to different budgets and needs. These packages are as follows:

1. GOtv Lite (Ksh 199 Monthly)

GOtv Lite is the smallest package, whose monthly subscription is only Ksh 199, but you can opt for a quarterly subscription (at Ksh 500) or a yearly subscription (at Ksh 1200). This package generally offers 20-plus channels, which are as follows:

  • 13 local channels – which include KBC, NTV, KTN, KTN News, Citizen TV, TV47, K24, Weru TV, Inooro TV, Kass TV, Kameme TV, Ramogi TV, and Hope TV.
  • One sports channel (SuperSport Blitz)
  • 12 Other Channels (which include Maisha Magic East, Magic Showcase, Jim Jam, Akili Kids, Faith TV, Islam TV, Emanuel TV, Al Jazeera, Classic FM, Radio Maisha, Milele FM, and Hope FM.)

Overall, GOtv Lite doesn’t offer much. For example, it’s the only package without a movie channel, and the other categories are also limited. However, given its package price, it’s understandable.

2. GOtv Value (Ksh 649 Monthly)

GOtv Value offers slightly more channels (at least 35) than GOtv Lite. However, you have to pay more (Ksh 649). Here are the channel breakdowns:

  • 13 local channels (similar to GOtv Lite)
  • Two sports channels (SuperSport Blitz and SuperSport Select 2)
  • One movie channel (Africa Magic Epic)
  • 21 other channels (what’s on GOtv Lite + Africa Magic Family, Maisha Magic Poa, Real-Time, E Entertainment, Nat Geo Wild, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Trace Mziki, and BBC News.

3. GOtv Plus (Ksh 999 Monthly)

GOtv Plus goes a notch higher, offering you slightly more channels than GOtv Value. There are at least 45 channels, and the monthly subscription is Ksh 999.

Here’s the channel breakdown:

  • 13 local channels (same as GOtv Value)
  • Three sports channels (SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport Football, and SuperSport Select 2)
  • Four movie channels (Africa Magic Epic, Cine Magic, B4U Movies, and M-Net Movies 4)
  • 32 Other channels

4. GOtv Max (Ksh 1,499 Monthly)

GOtv Max costs Ksh 1,4999 monthly and promises at least 60 channels. Here’s the channel breakdown:

  • 13 local channels (same as GOtv Plus)
  • Six sports channels (what’s on GOtv Plus + SuperSport La Liga, SuperSport Select 1, and ESPN)
  • Six movie channels (what’s on GOtv Plus + Movie Room and TNT Africa)
  • 40 other channels 

5. GOtv Supa (Ksh 1,899 Monthly)

Until the newly launched GOtv Supa+, GOtv Supa was the highest bouquet. There are at least 70 exciting channels at a monthly subscription of Ksh 1,8999.

Here’s the channel breakdown:

  • 13 local channels (same as other packages)
  • Seven sports channels (what’s on GOtv Max + WWE)
  • Eight movie channels (what’s on GOtv Max + ROK and KIX)
  • 45 other channels

6. GOtv Supa+ (Ksh 3,500 Monthly)

Today’s highest Gotv bouquet is GOtv Supa+, which costs almost twice as much as GOtv Plus. Essentially, that’s due to the addition of two sports channels (SS Premier League and SuperSport Select 3) and two movie channels (Studio Universal and Universal TV).

Overall, the package consists of at least 75 channels.

GOtv Packages Summary

Below is a summary of the current GOtv packages, monthly subscription costs, number of channels, and the channel breakdown.


Monthly Subscription

Number of Channels

Channel Breakdown

GOtv Lite

Ksh 199


13 local channels, one sports channel, 0 movie channel, and 12 other channels

GOtv Value

Ksh 649


13 local channels, two sports channels, one movie channel, and 21 other channels

GOtv Plus

Ksh 999


13 local channels, three sports channels, four movie channels, and 32 other channels

GOtv Max

Ksh 1,499


13 local channels, six sports channels, six movie channels, and 40 other channels

GOtv Supa

Ksh 1,899


13 local channels, seven sports channels, 8 movie channels, and 45 other channels

GOtv Supa+

Ksh 3,500


13 local channels, nine sports channels, nine movie channels, and 47 other channels

Concluding Thought:

Now you know what GOtv Paybill number to use to make payments to GOtv. It’s the Paybill number 423655, which applies not only to MPESA payments but also to some local bank payments.

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