Undergraduate College Majors to Consider to Work for NASA

Careers at NASA

If you ever wonder how to work for NASA, you have to know that NASA looks for people to conduct aerospace research and development, managing resources, and operate NASA’s facilities. There is a wide range of jobs of a very different nature: engineering, scientific research, robotics, finance, education, public affairs, Earth sciences… The biggest part of NASA’s employees have an engineering background or have a scientific background. Working in such a space agency is a must if you’ve always wanted to work on a rocket engine, or to work on the design of a space vehicle, or even to create science experiments launched into space. But there are also a lot of other ways to work for NASA.

Your undergraduate major matters if you’re going to apply to the agency after you graduate college.

Careers at NASA

  • Computer Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Administrative Support
  • Engineering Technician
  • Meteorology

NASA is most likely the most alluring of all government agencies. Since NASA deals with exploring the unknown and advancing mankind, many people want to work for NASA in some sort of capacity. While becoming an astronaut may be the best-known job at NASA, there are many other career and job paths that are critical towards the overall future success of the space program.

1. Computer Engineering

One of the top jobs at NASA is to become a computer engineer. Computer engineers are very vital to the success of any space mission and the overall program. Since most of the machines at NASA are now run off of computers, the engineers are necessary to build new computer programs, fix existing errors, and find ways to make them run more efficiently.

2. Accounting

Another job that is necessary at NASA is accounting. While NASA is best known for building and using rocket ships, it is still a very large organization with a huge budget. To ensure that the organization is staying on budget, and using its funds wisely, it needs teams of accountants. Accountants are hired at NASA for a variety of purposes including financial statement preparation, budgeting and forecasting, and even reconciling bank accounts and other financial accounts. Most accountants at NASA have at least a bachelor's degree in the field and many have received a CPA as well.

3. Administrative Support

Another career path for people at NASA is to go into an administrative support role. There are a range of different support roles that are necessary for the future of NASA. Some of the top roles including management assistants, procurement clerks, typists, marketing staff, and even public relations.

4. Engineering Technician

When it comes to ensuring that the rocket ships are in good shape, engineering technicians are very important. Engineers are hired to complete a range of different takes including developing new flight plans, building and repairing components of the ship, and even being sent to the space stations to ensure that they are in good working order. Engineering technicians that work for NASA normally have at least a master's degree in engineering, and may even have a doctorate in the field.

5. Meteorology

Whenever NASA is starting a new mission, it needs to be assured that it is aware of all factors in outer space. This will include knowing the alignment of the sun, positioning of the moon and other planets, and knowing where other nearby comets and satellites are. Based on this information, they can make sure that certain missions are run as efficiently and safely as possible. Those that go into meteorology at NASA will be focused on all of these studies. They may even spend more time studying near-earth objects and other potential threats to the planet.

In conclusion, due to the allure of space travel and exploration, many people would like to work for the space program at NASA. While it can be hard to become an astronaut, there are still many different positions at NASA that are critical for the overall success and expansion of the space program.

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