Tips to having a successful freelance life


How do these people just seem to get it right every damn single time?!

It's like each tragedy is responded to with a comfortable smile. Whenever you think they've failed, they just rise up higher. They become bigger, stronger and more influential than ever!

Here are some pointers to having a "successful" freelance life:


Never ever let your online life be defined by a single entity. Yes, you should be able to comfortably survive even if Upwork or PayPal crashes tomorrow! In fact, you should really be thinking of how to get out of these things. Hint: Note that the richest writers and transcribers I know do way more than just writing/transcription!

Seize opportunities

This may be one of the best skills you'll ever have. If PayPal crushes, how exactly can you turn that into a groundbreaking profitable opportunity? Don't cry too long after a challenge. Instead, look for opportunities in every tragedy. Big businesses are created by those who are eager to solve their own and other people's problems. Not by people who want to become overnight millionaires.

Go passive

Look for as many passive sources of income as possible. Aim to one day have passive streams that can literally pay all your bills. That keeps you going even when all falls down. Consider doing product sales and affiliate marketing. One day when things look up, look into real estate. Go for many other passive income sources.

Don't hate, learn

Whenever you see someone successful, don't hate on their weakness (we all have weaknesses). Instead, learn from their strengths. Learn from each success story. Hating is a losers' game. Learning is for winners.
Set very high standards

This jolts you out of your comfort zone. Get as far away from average as possible. For example, think of how you can be a millionaire in the next two years. Hint: This will take way more than just writing or transcribing, though these skills can be good stepping stones.

Be painfully disciplined

Do not think that successful people just get there by "chance" or "luck". Their painful discipline makes them get massive things done, even when they don't "feel like it". Read books by successful people and you'll realize that these people actually do so much!

Get that inverse proportion

Did you know that there are businesses out there that actually still benefit during bad economic times? For example, during the Great Depression (US economic crash from 1929 to 1939), some authors, entertainers, consultants, real estate guys etc. made so much money while others sank into economic lows that they'd never seen before. As you diversify, make sure you have some businesses that are inversely proportional to tough economic times.

Some of the tips above are not for everyone. You'll need to create and implement big ideas.

Success is your portion. Claim it.

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