How to Handle Virtual Interviews

Virtual Interviews

I have been involved in virtual Interviews more as we try to take advantage of the downtime facilitated by the Covid-19 pandemic. I must say that the virtual interaction takes away completely the warmth of the recruitment sessions which – if this continues – I shall miss a lot. Having being involved in these virtual interviews, I have observed a few areas that both interviewers and interviewees, need to focus on:

1. How to handle virtual Interviews: Set up before time

We all know that technology fails and that it fails when you need it most!!! Always ask for a dry run on the platform which the meeting is set up on before the interview, especially if the meeting invitation is on an application you are not familiar with. Try to connect to the meeting at least 15 minutes to the call. This is also important for recruiters who should start the meeting in good time and allow the use of the waiting room for this purposes.

2. How to handle virtual Interviews: Dress the part

To make the session interactive, it is important to organize a video session between the interviewer and interviewee, this could be provided for even for a short time. In this regard, it is important to note that first impressions will count more as they would in a physical interview, so, just as in a physical interview, you are required to dress up for the virtual interview. Ensure that you have on appropriate accessories and that you have a reasonable background where the call is taking place. Showing up with colorful mickey mouse headsets or setting up your dressing mirror as your background may take away the attention of your audience.

3. How to handle virtual Interviews: Be clear and succinct

The blessing and curse of virtual interactions is that they are timed. It is a blessing as you are well aware of the start and end time and can plan well for your interaction, however they are a curse due to various challenges such as an interruption of the session due to network or connectivity issues. It is therefore critical that you listen to the question clearly and answer in the most impactful way without taking all the time. This will enable you get your point across while keeping the interviewers engaged. Recruiters should not actively read the CVs of prospective candidates but also look them up online before the interview so as to only focus on areas that need further clarity.

4. How to handle virtual Interviews: Breathe

An interview is an interactive process, I must say that while there are a lot of many candidates out there seeking opportunities, talent is still very hard to find. It is therefore safe to say that if you are scheduled for an interview, the recruiter honestly believes you are a potential talent and is hoping that this engagement confirms this. You are equal partners. Get into the interview with a calm mind, speak confidently without fear and avoid making yourself small – it might cost you the opportunity.
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