New Year’s saving resolutions that everyone can make in 2020.

New Year’s saving

When January approaches, many of us like to make New Year’s resolutions to carry into the year ahead. We create goals to exercise more, become more health conscious, see friends and family more often and spend time trying to help others. For many, making some changes to their spending and saving habits feature on their list too. This can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, and most of us feel like we don’t know where to start. Here are some simple New Year’s saving and investing resolutions that everyone can make in 2020.

Budget – first and foremost you need to sit down with pen and paper, or excel, and put down your income(s)* and your outgoings! This will show you how much you have coming in and going out. It should also highlight places you are overspending in!

Become debt-free in 2020 – Use all your spare cash to get rid of personal loans, credit cards car loans, credit union loans, etc. Don’t go for the highest paying interest loan first as this could take too long to clear and will reduce your chances of success!

As you spend what you have put aside from your personal budget to spend! Don’t spend on credit...

Claim last year’s tax back! – Get onto (my account) and claim your tax back on medical/dental expenses from last year!.
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