Bachelor's Degree Programmes Offered at Egerton University - Application and Admission Procedures

Egerton University

Admission Procedure

Inquiries for all Bachelor's Degree programmes offered should be made to the
Registrar(Academic Affairs),
Egerton University, P. O. Box 536-20115,
The closing date for receiving applications for the Bachelor's degree programmes shall be as determined by the Senate from time to time.

Minimum Entry Requirements for Bachelor's Degree

The entry requirements set out below are only minimum, and they in no way entitle an applicant to a place in the University.

Applicants must:

Have the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with an average grade C+ (C plus)\passed at one sitting from at least seven subjects drawn from subject groupings as specified by the Kenya National Examinations Council or its equivalent.


Have one of the following combinations of passes in the Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education examination:

i) Two (2) Principal passes obtained at the same sitting.


ii) Two (2) Principal passes obtained at different sittings provided the passes are of Grade C or higher.


Hold a Diploma of Egerton University with a 'Credit' pass or higher or an equivalent

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