Feeling Stuck... but you won't open it!!

Feeling Stuck... but you won't open it!!

Since the start of this year, I have felt stuck in life. The feeling has originated from where I am in life especially career wise. Don't get wrong, I love wowing my clients with great grades and just going through my working and being astonished by the content, but there is something greater within me that keeps screaming I am stuck.

I have been indoors since 2014. I graduated and started writing; thus, stayed indoors. I have written more than 2000 academic papers and contributed extensively to Facebook contents. I have developed website contents, which have been applauded by my clients. I have managed to create a lifestyle for myself through writing and believe me, I loved it before. I felt it was enough since it paid my bills and catered for my lifestyle. But several months have passed and this madness is overwhelming me.

Ever been overwhelmed by the feeling that you are destined for greatness and you are the reason standing between your achievements and progress? Yes, that is what I have been feeling. I have observed people proclaim about my potential and many have been awed by my mind. I have seen my partner cheer me towards going for more, but this is it... How do you overcome the feeling of being stuck?

I have done a degree in Disaster Preparedness and Environmental Technology. Great course if you ask me. I can tell you all the process of mitigating, preventing, preparing, rehabilitating, and reconstructing a place against a disaster. I can contribute towards community development and empowering people in their economic liberation. But my passion has been towards young single mothers and giving them a voice and rehabilitating their minds towards empowerment. My other passion includes creating awareness of great women within our communities through writing their story. Exploring their vulnerabilities and showing young women that there is no shortcut in achieving success. Women can achieve equality when they are supported and have great role models.

However, I battle with the feeling of being stuck. I loved being home and raising my son. Three years he has seen me day and night, but now I want to step out of the house. I need to see the world and experience it with my energy and actions. I do not know how to do that. Honestly. However, I know there has to be a way where I will penetrate marginalized communities and share the stories of women in those areas. Empower the young girls under the age 23 who are mothers, and affirm that little girl that her empowerment is important than the attention of men.

So today, I feel stuck in something that I am passionate about. However, I need growth and just breakthrough. I want more than elevating other people towards their high school, masters and PhDs... I love the response of great grades and handling technical papers, dissertations, and research papers, but now I am yearning of humanly touch where I can write their stories through watching their emotions, feeling their energies, travelling around the world, and exploring different cultures. As a free bird who has overcome her fear of flight...

4 years ago, I wrote an article asking for a stable source of income, I got that... Today, I am writing one asking for my untapped potential to be released and get to work with remarkable organizations, companies, as I create my own organization. Travel around the world, and touch little girls with written words and spoken words.

So today, when you say a prayer, with a clean heart, pray for my dreams to come true and that I might be unstuck.

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