Here are 3 MUST Use Apps For Marketers!

Here are 3 MUST Use Apps For Marketers!

1. Buffer An app that helps you share content to social media channels by letting you schedule posts to be published at ideal times. You can even let Buffer decide what time is best. 2.PageModo Used primarily to set up Facebook business or organization pages, Pagemodo helps you create engaging visual elements and customized features that encourage fan interaction without professional help. 3.EveryoneSocial With its clean and simple interface, EverySocial is designed to amplify your brand presence by building a team of employee advocates to share your content on their social media accounts. These apps have been of enormous value to me and I felt they would be of value to a fellow marketer when planning out in-depth marketing campaigns. They are flexible from beginner marketers with no team to veteran marketers with affluent marketing agencies. As always experiment see what works for you and what doesn't, from their double down on your strengths and go all into what does work for you maximizing on it at scale Hope you find value in this!

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