Top Ranked Universities With The Most Beautiful Girls In Kenya

Kenya Campus Girls

When I received that call from my friend James last week, I thought he was inviting me for the evening prayer, but to my surprise, he uttered those words I wouldn’t expect from him. “Multimedia university has got the most beautiful girls in Kenya.”

These words took me by surprise because James is that one guy I have nicknamed Canon because of his staunch inclination to preaching the gospel and educating the flock on “the way of life”. I had to take a few seconds to recollect and get the appropriate response; so as not to let him down. I was a bit relieved because he was not the first to tell me about it.

James has been in a mission of preaching in various universities and his area of concentration has been going from one university to another, congregation to another and from one door to the other, talking of the way of life only compared with the Gentiles.

So today I invited him for a cup of coffee in a nearby mall and I decided to listen to what had made him to “cross his red line” and openly defy Psalms 139:14 of everyone being fearfully and wonderfully made.

The guy was so open to me and I felt how genuine he was. He told me that as he was doing his door to door mission, he had come across some of the most beautiful girls in this university, not one, not two not ten, but a myriad of them, but being a man of the cloak, he had to ensure first things first and deliver the word and give glory for the beautiful creatures he had seen.

“I have been to all universities in Kenya, but this one has taken me by storm, I just give glory to the creator.” He said.

This reminded me of a colleague who had graduated from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and the guy usually reminded me that their slogan was, “Hakuna madada.”

Time was running out and James had to rush to church to lead in the Bible study, as I sat there, I was only thinking of the next call; our next meeting.

My take...

Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way however the beauty lies in the hands of the beholder. That being said, when it comes to the universities with the most beautiful girls, I think we can all agree that each university has girls with different qualities that make them beautiful.

You will find that what makes girls beautiful in one university may not be the same factor that makes girls beautiful in other universities.

Here is a list of universities with the most beautiful girls based on their best qualities.

1. United States International University (USIU)

Talk about talent, beauty, and brains as you will encounter some of the most talented, beautiful and prominent ladies from USIU. Aside from that, you will notice elegance and class amongst most of the girls as the majority treat themselves like royalty regardless of the social status they fall under. They are friendly, open-minded, go-getters, and will settle for nothing less than what they deserve.

2. Daystar University.

There is no better description of beauty and pride. They know they have it so they flaunt it. The girls in Daystar will dazzle you with their integrity and level of maturity. We ought to give credit where it’s due.

3. Catholic University.

Looking for a focused and engaging type? Catholic University is a university that is full of engaging and fun-filled ladies. They know how to party and are most certainly outspoken as they will tell you exactly what they are thinking without beating around the bush.

4. The University of Nairobi.

UON is found in the heart of the city of Nairobi. That alone should tell you that the girls you will find there are city girls, definitely street smart and outgoing. With the combination of fun and outgoing, who is not to say that UON girls can be attractive? It is if not the best kind of people you can go out and have fun with.

5. Africa Nazarene University

With diversity in culture, Nazarene University is full of girls who are warm and welcoming. They are simple, down to earth, and pretty all in one. What’s not to like?

6. Kenyatta University

When describing KU girls, there are just certain words that you shouldn’t leave out. Sexy, pretty, fun and indulging are the four main qualities most KU girls possess.

7. Multimedia University

Dopiest girls ever. Drama free and so chilled. The girls you will find in the multimedia university are simple, always composed, and super chilled out. Not only are they beautiful and good company, they definitely turn up the place. Who doesn't like a girl that is turned up and not afraid to speak her mind?
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