CV Guidelines - What might change from Country to Country? Find out!

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CV Guidelines - What might change from  Country to Country? Find out!
IS IT A RESUME OR A CV? Some countries use these words interchangeably. However, in North America, a CV is a comprehensive document written only by a researcher, educator or academic, so you should only use the term CV in North America if you are applying for such a job. LENGTH: The length of your CV may vary depending on the requirements of the country. Example, in the UK, a CV of 1 or 2 pages is considered appropriate, whereas, in North America, the resume is often a 1-page document. In Russia, for example, CV’s often contain a large amount of information and extensively detail work experiences, and in Greece, CVs are regularly up to 5 pages long. If your aim is to keep your CV to only 2 pages, do not succumb to the temptation of decreasing your font size. Use content that is only relevant to the job and employer, ensure there is lots of white space and that your key selling features are prominent. Keep the font size to a minimum of 11 points. PERSONAL DETAILS: In Asia in particular, it is common for employers to expect to see personal information regarding religion, health status, gender, race, marital status, and age on your CV. This is not necessary in most European, African or North American countries.

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