KUCCPS Second Revision of Courses Online 2024 Guide

KUCCPS Second Revision Of Courses Online 2022 Guide

This is a step by step guide on how to do your KUCCPS second Revision of courses on your KUCCPS online student portal.

Each year, the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) announces the opening of the online application system for prospective candidates looking forward to enrolling on higher learning education. KUCCPS revision of courses welcomes all candidates who sat for KCSE in the previous year(s) to participate in exercise before the closure of the revision deadline. Read on for useful tips and guidance on the first and second KUCCPS online revision.

The first revision exercise for degree students involves candidates who competitively met the minimum aggregate of C+ (46 points) in the previous year KCSE examinations. Various cut off cluster points were derived after in-depth analysis and assessment of the declared capacity of our local public and private universities for all degree programmes under the sponsorship of the government.

The government has also advised candidates who scored at least a C- (32 points) and D (18 points) to apply for Diploma and Certificate courses under government sponsorship. The placement service expects prospective applicants to keep track of important dates to make sure they are not locked out.

The first revision gives out an equal opportunity for all candidates to make informed career choices regardless of whether they applied through their secondary schools or not. It is important to note is that students application revision is only done online and no manual submissions will be accepted or reviewed.

Revision of courses procedure

There are several KUCCPS programmes that candidates can choose. Even with the diversity, it is essential to make an informed career choice to get the most out of your training. Apparently, there are 529-degree programmes, 66-universities, more than 200-diploma programmes, and about 122 colleges to choose. Below is an elaborate KUCCPS application system procedure to help you with the revision process and avoid being locked out on this crucial exercise.

  • Navigate to the KUCCPS student portal
  • Log in using your KCSE Index Number, examination year, and password

Note: Use your Birth Certificate number or KCPE Index number to serve as your Initial Password.

  • Click on the button labelled “APPLICATION / REVISION.”
  • Start your revision by entering the programme codes for all the six choices labelled as 1a, 1b, 1c, 2, 3, and 4.
  • Click on the button “Check requirements” to verify whether you are eligible for a set of selected programmes.
  • If you qualify for all the programmes chosen, a submit button will appear. Your qualification is based on whether you meet all the minimum requirements set for particular courses. The “Submit” button will also work exclusively for the programmes you have selected.
  • If you are applying for the first time, the system will prompt you with an MPESA transaction code. Complete the payment through MPESA and then feed in the transaction code to authorise your payment.
  • Prospective applicants are forewarned not to make any payment before checking their eligibility status for a set of KUCCPS courses selected.

Note: Candidates who paid the placement fees through their secondary schools will not be required to pay during their first and second revisions.

KUCCPS expects candidates who fail to secure a choice in their first revision following a competitive selection to participate in the second revision on a mandatory basis to avoid losing out on the exercise. There should be no cause of worry if your first application for higher learning education was not accepted. By that, I mean that it is not necessarily your fault you are now revising for KUCCPS courses.

That said, this section will guide you with an elaborate procedure to make sure your applications are successfully accepted. The second and final revision of certificate, diploma, and degree courses is equally open to your choice but with limited courses on offer. For this reason, prospective candidates should make degree, diploma, and certificate choices to different unfilled capacities listed in the portal.

If you have the required points and yet your index numbers is not documented on the KUCCPS website, then it means that you have already secured a place in the career and institution that you chose. This implies that the placement board accepted your first application to join selected learning programmes, and you will receive official communication at the end of the placement process.

The second revision of courses by KUCCPS is also another lucrative opportunity for those candidates who failed to submit their applications during secondary school and first revisions. Helpful guiding information concerning available programmes in different institutions, programme clusters, preceding cut-off points, weighted cluster points, and the procedure of application are all accessible through the KUCCPS portal. Below is a step by step guide to facilitating your revision of degree courses.

  • Access and log in to the KUCCPS student portal
  • Click on the link titled as “APPLICATION / REVISION” top initiate your revision process.
  • Provide the programme codes for the revised choices recorded on the “New program code” column.
  • Tick on the select to revise the column
  • All your choices will be displayed upon accurate completion of the form
  • In case of errors highlighted in red colour, make the necessary corrections and save again.
  • Remember to always log out from your KUCCPS student portal for the safety of your applications and personal information.

Note: On clicking the button indicated “View Previous Choices” you can gain a glimpse of your earlier application choices. Clicking on “View Current Choices” will show your current programmes.

KUCCPS contacts

Visit the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) offices or contact them through the following contact details between 08:00 am and 05:00 pm.

KUCCPS offices

1st Ngong Avenue, ACK Garden, Community area, Nairobi Kenya

Phone 1: +254 723 954 927

Phone 2: +254 734 879 662

Email: info@kuccps.ac.ke

Frequently Asked Questions About KUCCPS First Course Application And Revision

How do you apply for the second KUCCPS revision?

To apply for KUCCPS second placement, log into your KUCCPS students portal online then follow the above step by step guide on how to do kuccps second revision of courses.

Is KUCCPS portal open for the revision of courses online 2024?

Yes, the kuccps portal is now open for second revision for those students who were not lucky enough to be placed to university after their first kuccps application. Visit here to do your KUCCPS second revision of courses online.

How do I check my courses in KUCCPS?

To check your KUCCPS selected courses or the university kuccps has placed you to, log into your KUCCPS student portal online. Once you’re logged in, the courses and university you have been placed to shall be displayed on the dashboard.

Is KUCCPS application of courses for 2024 open??

Yes, kuccps application of courses for 2024 is open. Click here to apply for courses and universities on your KUCCPS online portal now.

Can I reapply for KUCCPS?

Yes, you can reapply kuccps courses online via your KUCCPS student portal. After applying for KUCCPS courses and universities for the first time, some students shall be placed while others shall not. In case kuccps fails to place you during the first application, you shall need to apply kuccps for the second time during the kuccps second revision round.

Is KUCCPS portal closed?

Kuccps portal is now open for course and university selection and application. Please click here to apply for courses on kuccps online student portal now.

Is kuccps second revision over?

No, kuccps second revision for 2024 is not over yet. Follow this link to access the kuccps online portal and do your KUCCPS second revision of courses and universities.

How do you know if one has been placed by KUCCPS?

To know wether or not you have been placed by kuccps, visit the kuccps online student portal and log in. Immediately after logging in, your KUCCPS placement results shall display on the kuccps portal dashboard.

How do I know my KUCCPS application was successful?

To know wether or not you have been placed by kuccps, visit the kuccps online student portal and log in. Immediately after logging in, your KUCCPS placement results shall display on the kuccps portal dashboard.

Is there a third revision in KUCCPS?

No, there is no third revision of kuccps. Kuccps allows for students to apply for courses for the first placement and allows those who are not placed during the first kuccps selection to do kuccps revision of courses for placement.

How can I contact KUCCPS?

How do I change my kuccps placement?

To change your KUCCPS placement, use the kuccps university transfer service. The below guide shall help you step by step;
If you plan to change a course within the same university you you have been placed, you don’t use kuccps but wait and join the university after which you can do inter-faculty transfer and change to your desired course as long as you meet the requirements. However, if you are planning on an inter-university transfer, follow the below steps to apply Ang get approval for inter-university transfer from kuccps;
First, log into your KUCCPS students portal
Click on the ‘transfers’ option
student inter-university transfer service fee.
Now select the programme you want to transfer to. Enter the programme code and move to the next level if you meet the minimum requirements for that programme. If you don’t meet the requirements, check for a course that you qualify and repeat this step.
Fill in the kuccps inter-university transfer form online.
Now select the reason for your application of kuccps inter-university transfer. The available reasons are;
– Medical
– Person
– Disability
– Financial Reasons
– Not my preferred programme
– Other
For continuing students who want to change your current university, you shall need the transcripts of the course you’re taking. You shall also be required to write the reasons for your application of transfer in not less or more than 300 characters.
 Pay 1000 shillings kuccps. Use the procedure that shall be shown to pay the fee via kuccps mpesa Paybill number 820201 · Enter 4 digits Exam Year followed by 11 Digits Index Number as your KUCCPS account number and continue to confirm.
Wait for the kuccps system to automatically confirm your KUCCPS inter-university fee payment after which you shall be allowed to continue with the process. Click on submit and enter your kcse index number and continue.
Wait for endorsement from the university you are applying kuccps to transfer you to. The university shall consider whether they have available spaces left for the course you’re apply to.
Endorsement from the university you’re applying kuccps transfer from. The university that you are transferring from shall endorse your transfer after approval from the university you are transferring to.
Kuccps inter-university transfer review and approval. After you have been approved and endorsed by both institutions, now it’s time for kuccps to review your transfer details and process, if everything is okay, kuccps shall then approve your inter-university transfer.
Download your inter-university transfer approval letter and transfer to your selected university and faculty. That is how a student that has been placed or is already in a university can change their university institution via kuccps online.

How long does it take for KUCCPS to place students?

Kuccps student application and placement of students to courses and universities takes 2 to 3 months. Kuccps inter-institution transfer takes 14 days to finish and get an inter-university approval letter from kuccps. Kuccps application of university and courses placement takes 30 days for the first phase followed by the second revision of kuccps courses and universities placement.

Are kuccps placement results out?

Yes, Kuccps placement are out, to check for your KUCCPS placement results, visit here and download the kuccps student placement list now.

Are kuccps admission letters out?

Yes, kuccps student university admission letters are out. Go here to access, view, print and download your KUCCPS admission letter now.

How do i check my kuccps placement results via sms?

To recieve your KUCCPS placement results via sms, keep the number you submitted in your KUCCPS portal profile. After announcement of the kuccps placement results, you shall recieve an sms from kuccps containing the details of the university and course that you have been placed to. For more information on how you can confirm your KUCCPS placement results, go here.

How can I download my kuccps university admission letter?

To download your KUCCPS university letter, visit the website of the university you’ve been placed to and log into the students portal from where you shall access your KUCCPS admission letter. For more information on how to log into your university students portal online and download your KUCCPS university placement admission letter, go here.

Hiw do I get a kuccps transfer letter?

To get your KUCCPS transfer letter, follow the below step by step guide below;
Visit the kuccps student portal online and log into your KUCCPS students account.
Go to transfers tab and proceed to download your inter-university transfer letter.
Remember, you have to apply for KUCCPS transfer and get your institutions and kuccps approval first, the service cost 1000 shillings. More on how you can transfer a university institution in kuccps, go here.

Does kuccps pay fees for placed students?

No, kuccps does not pay university fee for the institution it places a student to. That is the job of the Helb loans body that awards Kenyan university and college students loans for their upkeep and fee payment. Go here to learn more.

KUCCPS revision of courses is a life-changing exercise that determines your future career and such should always be taken seriously. Besides keeping track of important dates, it is advisable to consult informed persons before settling on a particular study course. You have worked hard to qualify for tertiary education and therefore should not let the selection process hold back your dreams.

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