Cover Letter/Email TEMPLATE to download and copy/paste

Cover Letter/Email TEMPLATE

I write for an audience of 2 million+, so obviously the template is generic.

If you prefer to construct your own, follow the six steps below:

1. Name the position you are applying for and how it came to your attention.

2. State why you are interested in the role and the company, what your current or previous position was, and a bit of detail about “who” you are (personal attributes).

3. Cross-reference your Core Competencies and Achievements to the job requirements. If career-changing emphasize your transferable skills, using C.A.R.

4. A BRIEF summary of your strengths that make you very suitable for the role.

5. State if you are available for travel, overtime and weekend work, if applicable.

6. Thank the reader for their time and consideration, that you look forward to hearing from them, and make sure all your contact details are present.

Length: Cover Letter = 1 page; Cover Email = 400 words; Cover Direct Message = 250 words.

Cover Letter/Emails are not redundant and are especially important for career changers and extended gaps.
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