Does Your Past Define Who You Really Are?

Does Your Past Define Who You Really Are?

Do you think continuously about your past with regrets? Do you wish you could change your past and make it a better one instead of the one which is still torturing you in your mind in this present moment? So, does your past define who you are really?

In fact, many people wish if they could have got at least one chance in order to change their past but know that you can never change it. Even thinking about it is a waste of time and energy. Whatever good or bad which happened in your past cannot be undone and you can’t do anything about them.

People have many regrets of what happened in their past such as breakup in relationships, losing their dear ones, losing their jobs, having bad experiences which are difficult to forget and more, but know that it is the same regrets that are bringing sufferings in your life now.

If you keep on thinking about them then you are creating sufferings for yourself in the present too. It’s as if the sufferings that you had in your past are not enough for you, so you have to go through the same sufferings now too. Why are you doing this to yourself? What will you gain in doing this?

Therefore, don’t complain about your sufferings because you are the one who wants to be in them again and again. Know that it is very easy to bring back those past moments in your mind and having regrets about them. By saying to yourself that you could have lived it differently if you were mature enough, you are actually just increasing your level of regrets and sufferings.

You know very well that it can’t happen now and you are helpless about it. Yes, you cannot change your past but the fact is that you can make your present a better one. Why are you dwelling in your past when you have a better present waiting for you to welcome you?

This habit of living in your past can define you as being the same person you were in the past. Yes, you have grown up in age but as far as growing up from within, you haven’t because you haven’t learned the lessons that your past has taught you. You are just clinging to the events that happened then. But, if you just live in the present moment by eliminating your past then you can’t be defined by your past. You are a new person.

There are many people who have this bad habit to define a person by his past but know that as a person grow up, everything changes. A bad person can become a good person and vice versa. So, don’t judge anyone as per their past.

You don’t have this right and you are not here to judge anyone. This is because you are here only to improve yourself.

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