A Big Butt is Good for your Health. See How!

A Big Butt is Good for your Health

If you’ve ever cursed your well-endowed rump, we’re here to give you a different perspective on the matter. A big butt is good for your health! From less incidence of disease and better support for your body, to beauty and more cushioning on your backside, a big butt is quite desirable for many reasons. We’re divulging each of them here today.

Big butts lower the risk of disease. The fat that is stored in the butt is generally not dangerous, disease-causing fat. Heart disease, diabetes, and a variety of conditions that arise from high cholesterol levels are less common in women with larger bottoms and smaller waists. Women with more meat on their backside tend to have well-balanced cholesterol and sometimes even higher levels of good HDL cholesterol and low levels of harmful LDL cholesterol that can lead to disease including heart attack and stroke. Even type 2 diabetes is less likely with a wider waist-to-butt ratio.

Big butts help with physical activity and support the legs. A bigger bottom works in conjunction with your legs to propel you forward during movement. Plus, your gluteus maximus is a large muscle that can aid in more intense exercise and physical activity. Your big butt can help with everything from walking upstairs to running a marathon.

Big butts take the pressure off your back. When your butt is assisting your legs and other large movement muscles, your lower back is protected. When your butt and legs aren’t able to support your movement, they call on smaller muscles, including your low back muscles to help. This can put a lot of strain on sensitive areas. Plus, your posture improves when your butt can support your back alignment and lengthen hip flexors. Less back stress and better posture are both advantages during pregnancy too.

Big butts are biologically more attractive to men. It’s undeniable that big butts are quite popular and men can’t help but stare. Part of this is evolutionary: larger rumps accentuate the curvature of the spine, which is required for a woman to carry a baby during pregnancy. As humans evolved, men selected women who were better suited for childbirth. While this may not be what most men cite as their attraction to big butts, it’s an evolutionary fact.

Big butts make a better silhouette. Curves in the front and back are sexy and the way women’s clothes are designed. You’ll never have saggy jeans with a big butt. A large backside also gives the illusion of a smaller waistline for a more traditionally desirable hourglass figure.

Big butts store more omega-3 fatty acids. The reserve of this brain and heart-healthy nutrient is great for women and even better for their kids. When new moms with big butts breastfeed, they call on this storage of essential fatty acids to pass along to their babies. Breastfeeding has many advantages for kids, in part due to the transfer of essential fatty acids, including creating smarter children.

Big butts offer more cushion. If you’re sitting on a hard surface or you fall on your tush, you’ll enjoy that extra padding from a big butt. It is also great for seated sports such as cycling or rowing. Without the cushion, you are more likely to fracture your pelvic bone or bruise your tailbone during accidental falls or sports injuries.

Love your big butt and embrace all of these reasons why a big butt is good for your health!
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