Employer Branding: What You Need To Do When They Don't Come For You?

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Employer Branding
In the age of Glassdoor et al., companies can no longer bank on their name alone to attract the best talent Previously, companies grappled with doubts on whether the best candidates will see their open roles. Things are a little different now, though. "What will they see when they look us up?" is what's keeping hashtagHR Managers up at night these days. Money and cute job titles are falling down the pecking order when candidates with multiple options weigh their next move. These days they have to feel that your company could sue Disneyland for claiming to be the happiest place on earth. Big Deal. Harvard Business Review expects that - by 2020 - employer branding to be a key part of most recruiting teams' long-term strategy. Fabulous career sites, seamless application experiences, engaging social media content and employee advocacy are going to be weaponized for deployment against bad publicity from the media, irate customers and disgruntled ex-employees. No effort will be spared. And it gets harder. Employer branding is not only for those on the outside looking in. It's also for those fidgeting inside your company So start doing your thing. Don't wait for 2020; because 2020 won't wait for you!

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