Reasons Why LinkedIn is Important to Graduates Job Search

College prepares students with the academics to succeed in their future working life, but what college does not prepare students for is why LinkedIn is important to graduates job search.

As a final year student who seeks for opportunities of a graduate job, certainly, you would pay much effort into understanding the businesses in different firms, applying for jobs, writing cover letters, and preparing interviews. Undoubtedly all of the above are necessary and almost everyone will do so. Yet, have you thought of LinkedIn, as a social platform for professionals, can be a marketing giant that opens up the gateway to varied opportunities and exposure on businesses? If you are not sure of how LinkedIn can help you on career prospect and business exposure, you may figure it out as below:

1. Branding

As the World’s largest professional network platform, LinkedIn grants you the opportunity to build up a professional profile of record. In the digital era as nowadays, it is a common practice to create our online resume and get a professional global presence. It clearly defines your educational background, work experiences, career inspirations, skills, and recognition from others. LinkedIn serves as a global platform for you to build your own brand, showcase your career aspirations, experiences, and area of expertise. The professionals in the same industry do rely on your LinkedIn brand to recognize your achievements, understand your visions, and get impressed. Your branding directly affects the extent of influence and impression you can leave on the recruiters and professionals.

2. Career opportunities

LinkedIn increases access to career opportunities and grants you a chance to connect with various employers. It provides comprehensive job search characteristics and recruiter services. You can build up a relationship with the employers and even turn the relationship into career opportunities. The research found that nearly 90% of the recruiters in big corporations would use LinkedIn to source suitable candidates. Many employers would google the candidates to understand more about their background. By keeping your profile up-to-date, detailed, and impressive, it can draw attention from the employers! It is of paramount importance to utilize LinkedIn effectively by adding connections with the recruiters, branding the profile that well presents yourself, and paying attention to the career opportunities from the recruiters. On the other hand, through connection with professionals in your desired industry, they can advise you with insights on how to prepare the interviews, market updates, and the criteria to be successful in the industry.

3. Learn from others

It is always beneficial to connect with those who are successful in your industry. When you have a glance at their profiles and articles, you will definitely find something inspiring. You can observe their career background and investigate their skills and knowledge which drives them to succeed. More than that, through their sharing, you can understand more about your desired industry and be aware of the opportunities and the essence of skills. When you would like to seek for company background and information updated with the latest trend in the industry, the professionals who connect with you can help you with advice, mentoring, and sharing. They can share their experiences, the company cultures, challenges in the workplace, and market trends. Connecting with professionals is a way for you to know more, learn more, and be inspired by them.

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