7 Marketable IT Courses in Kenya with 100% Job Guarantee

7 Marketable IT Courses in Kenya with 100% Job Guarantee

Every student in Kenya dreams of getting employed or start their own businesses after completing their courses. This highly depends on which course one undertook after KCSE at the university or college and the skills acquired from the training. The rate of unemployment in Kenya very high and therefore it’s wise to choose courses that will position you as a more relevant profession in the job marketplace. After massive research, here are the most relevant IT courses in Kenya with jobs readily available.

1. Software, Web Design, and development

Skills: This course equips the learners with skills to become qualified Website developers, Software developers, and Mobile App developers.
  • Web design involves; Design of websites, User experience design, Interface Design, and Web graphic design.
  • Web Development involves; Front end and Back end Development using programming languages such as HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap Framework, PHP, and MySQL Database.
Duration: Web design certificate course takes about 3 to 4 months and diploma course up to 1 year.
Entry Requirements: Computer Literacy and High school Certificate.

On successful completion of the course, you can decide to work independently in building websites for different clients, get employed as IT Support to maintain the website of a company or work in a web development company.

2. Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking Courses

The government and other companies in Kenya are ready to hire professionals in cybersecurity in order to repress online hackers that are increasing on a daily bases. With improved technology, most of the transactions including payments are conducted online and this puts the users and the host company at risk from online fraudsters. We have experienced banking systems being hacked, government systems being interfered with, companies and organizations losing crucial data, and many more cyber-related malpractices. This poses the need to hire cybersecurity personnel.

Skills: This Course equips learners with skills in Penetration Testing, Foot-Printing, GSM & Network Security, and Disaster& Risk Management.
Duration: For the course, the duration depends on the model of training in each training centre and range from one to three months.
Entry Requirement: You do not have to be a techie to take this course but those with a tech background find it easier.

3. Software Development Courses

This course helps learners to build real-life applications projects from scratch, using computer-programming languages including Python, JavaScript, PHP among others. With this course, you can build any kind of software. This is course is very marketable in Kenya and beyond almost a 100% employment uptake.

Skills: Software developers and programmers can work independently or in IT companies. It’s a very high paying job with higher demand with software developers earning as much a Ksh.70,000-400,000 per month.
Duration: This course varies from one institution to another. At Inceptor ICT Centre, this takes about 4 months.
Entry Requirement: This requires Computer Application knowledge and strong critical thinking skills.

4. Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is a way of marketing products and services using digital channels to reach consumers. It involves getting professional skills in developing strategies used in marketing products online.

Skills: Digital Marketing course covers social media, content writing, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Data Analysis, Copy Writing, Google Ads, and much more. By training in this course, you will become a fully skilled Digital Marketing professional with the ability to work with any digital marketing agency in Kenya.

5. Mobile App Development

This training includes Android Java/Kotlin (Core) and XML (Extensive Mark-up Language) technically, large parts of Android are written in Java/Kotlin and its APIs are designed to be called primarily from Java/Kotlin. This course helps learners to Build any Android app they want.

6. Mobile Phone Repair Course

The career of mobile phone repairing is one such that is becoming a popular one, and many people have been able to establish a profitable business by starting early in this career. The Mobile Repair Technician Course program covers all the units that are necessary to learn for repairing and servicing mobile phones.

7. Computer Repair Course

Computer Repair Technician course offers the students with a valuable combination of technical and business abilities to start them off in the career direction of their choice. With every computer eventually needing a tune-up, students will attend Computer Repair and Maintenance courses that will teach them basic computer hardware theory, operating systems, and application programs to keep computers running flawlessly.
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