I moved out of my Father's house in the cold rainy month of July. I remember the first night, it was extremely cold and I did not have a blanket. But I had one curtain. I was torn between the option of covering myself or covering the window and safeguarding my privacy. It was raining heavily. I did not want my neighbors to see my misery so I elected to cover the window and survive. In my head I was like even Nelson Mandela and Jomo Kenyatta went through this. It's my turn.
I came across these photos on the internet and it had a striking resemblance to my own bedsitter. It was in such a room that I slept hungry, but refused to borrow. It was here that I, like many young men and women in Kenya, constantly thought about what to do to better my life and make an impact while at it. You can choose to pity yourself, or use your scarcity to innovate. Many successful people today started here. Get out of the present. Just don't give up and don't lose sight of the prize.
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