How To Become A Freelancer On Upwork

How To Become A Freelancer On Upwork

Upwork is a new platform and a really famous one for making money online. As it generates money fast and it is really famous among starters.

And if you are also thinking about making a profile on Upwork you need to think about how you’ll make your profile stand out in a way that actually attracts customers or clients.

So, the next question stands before us would be; how should I make my freelancer Upwork account attractive and attentive enough?

Do not worry I am here to solve your problem in this blog today.

I’ll write the main aspects of the freelancer Upwork profile that needs more attention in writing.

The question I mentioned above is the one most thought about because believe me I also thought about it.

And boy it took a lot of time to get my freelancer Upwork profile straight.

And as I started working on it, it made me realize that optimizing your profile and creating your profile on Upwork has plenty of factors.

That needs to be considered on top priority which we usually don’t pay much attention to.

As for freelancers, Upwork is a golden platform to get work and get good money. As it is an online freelance platform that actually works.

So, to the main topic again, do you also think about, How to make a freelancer Upwork profile that actually attracts customers and keeps them?

Don’t worry then today’s blog is especially about it and in it, I will share some secret tips or the realization that I had when I completed my work and the important things that are in dire need to be considered.

So, don’t leave the blog and read until the very end to make your freelancer Upwork profile amazing and do course work.

Not only this, but I will also share some tips on you how you can make your freelancer Upwork profile highly profitable.

Ultimate 5 Steps Freelancing Guide: How To Become A Freelancer On Upwork

Step 1. English Language

I will discuss more of the tips to improve English but before that, I would like to clarify the importance of the English Language to become a Freelancers on Upwork.

Many of you must be wondering why I am writing it. As we are aware of the fact that language is very important in our world.

It is the only thing that enables us, humans, to communicate with each other and get our message through.

I would say it is the basic meaning which helps us understand what the other person is trying to say. If we don’t understand them how will we work for them?

Secondly, we are also aware of the fact that Upwork is a platform mainly based on the English Language.

In my recommendation list for improvement this is on the first point; having a good understanding of English and a good ability to communicate it.

Upwork is an online platform that provides work, if you would not be able to communicate in English properly no one would give you work.

Better communication skills in English are a must when we look for work on an English Language platform whether it is Upwork or any other online platform.

Most importantly aren’t we aware of the fact that good communication skills in English are an extremely important factor when it comes to finding work.

So, my advice would be to practice and get good communication skills in English.

Step 2. Account That Actually Attracts Clients

As we all are aware of the fact that creating a freelancer Upwork profile is extremely easy. But the real question stands: whether it will bring us, clients, on it or not?

And I can tell from my personal experience that creating a profile and making it attractive for clients is completely a different thing.

Your freelancing Upwork profile has various sections that you must have filled while making your freelancers Upwork account.

You must have noticed them. And I bet only some of you have not fully paid attention to them.

Well here is good news, if you actually fill them with the utmost care and fill them completely (as you are expected to if you worked for a company).

Then you will get fair chances of getting good, stable, and high paying customers.

Below I’ll discuss these Upwork sections in detail with some very useful advice.

Step 3. Various Sections in Freelancers UPWORK:-

As I said before there are so many sections in the on your Upwork profile when we make it but that question that leaves my mind wondering is that; which one of the sections will actually grab a clients’ attention?

Now on we will discuss why you should work on them and how you can improve them for your betterment.

1. Your Expertise/Services/Specialisation

This sector represents the services that you will be providing to clients that are looking for their project to be done.

As we all know all shots of the services we can offer on Upwork to our clients as a professional freelancer.

When putting your specialization don’t forget to use specific and preside key works as the easiest and the most common one appears in the search bar.

For Example– Blogging, Digital Marketing Public Relations Services, Marketing, Bookkeeping, App builder, etc.

My point is that Upwork has a great search engine. This engine works on specific keywords so do keep in mind when filling this section.

Also, you can offer various services so just don’t be fixated on one keyword; you can put more keywords for what you offer, it helps you become more flexible and will give you a wide range of clients.

For freelancer Upwork, it really helps them by putting many specializations that they can offer in this section of their profile.

But don’t forget to use the most searched keywords for your services.

2. Your Profile Picture

Yes, our appearance matters a lot; I would say it tells a lot about our personality also. So, the better our picture looks the better it is for us.

As the photo we will put has the ability to affect our work life.

The photos that you usually use for your profile on your social accounts like your fun photos on Facebook.

Your trendy and inspirational photos on Instagram, and your family or your life-related photos on WhatsApp will not work.

Upwork for freelancers is a professional place and a professional place requires some professionals.

As unprofessional photos leave a really bad impression on the recruiter that is looking for someone to hand over projects on an online platform.

Your photo on Upwork should show the professional side of you. It really helps attract clients.

On Upwork clients whoever is looking at your profile really intends to hire you and give you work for your services. Here sometimes your photo can play a vital role in getting you to work or shooing potential clients away.

For freelancers on Upwork, my advice would be to put your own photo instead of your brand because it tearaways the opportunity of them understanding you.

And it potentially raises the risk of no work.

On our way ahead, please keep in mind my advice in this section. And you should take a photo with a professional look and a friendly face for your freelancer Upwork profile to become freelancer on Upwork.

Don’t forget to post it on Upwork with good resolution so that clients do not have a problem looking at them.

3. Introduction Section

I would like to state this part as the part less used but a very important one.

People usually tend to not write in it uncompleted or a lousy way, or an unprofessional way, and they don’t write a good introduction of themselves.

This is the part where you get an opportunity to describe how you can work and be of use for the client, the important thing that they want to read.

As for freelancers on Upwork it is important, do not waste this part of your profile in explaining the services you provide.

As you have already mentioned above them and need not repeat them thoroughly.

Instead, I would recommend that you should please them by following the advice I mentioned just a second ago by telling how you can and be of use for them in completing projects.

In my freelancer Upwork profile, I keep a note of changing my introduction section from time-to-time.

As it would make room for something fresh and has the ability to attract new customers. It also helps me in keeping my profile up-to-date with the current necessities of the client.

This section can be tricky and difficult to write for so many people. It also took me some time to get it good.

So, if you have any problem in describing yourself or writing it in a way that is actually attractive.

Then, I would suggest asking for a professional’s help (this part is really important).

4. Your Work Portfolio

I prefer to use Upwork’s portfolio section to organize my work portfolio. It is easy free and gives room and most importantly it can be easily seen by our customers.

Even though we are not able to show it in its fullest, my suggestion is that we should still take time to complete it fully in the best way possible.

A work portfolio is very important and they are the first one that gets checked by your potential customer. They not only check it they assess it also and judge your work on its basis.

Also, we cannot ignore the main fact that it is the only way to show our work portfolio to become a great freelancer on Upwork.

And Upwork stops us from adding any external link in our work profile.

5. Other Key Sections On Upwork

Have you ever thought about hourly rates on Upwork? The tests that there are on Upwork?

Or your previous work experience through Upwork? No, then do it now.

On Upwork you can give tests on it according to the services you will be offering. As you could have noticed.

If you visit anyone’s profile on freelancers Upwork you can see the tests the person has given to prove his ability to do it.

I view these tests as important that work as an insurance of your ability and reliability for your client on you.

As for the hourly rate on Upwork, it has a section that forcefully makes us show our hourly rate.

But you do not worry most of the clients don’t pay attention to it but don’t overdo it and keep them reasonable.

Make sure they don’t go higher than the normal market prices.

It somehow can be considered good for a freelancer on Upwork as it does not leave any room for negotiation when a client approaches you.

As for freelancers on Upwork, it leaves a clear message of how much our hourly rate is.

6. Work history and Job Success

This section is really important as it shows you the experience of your work done.

And it gives an assurance to the customers that you can get their work done correctly and on time.

It also approves of your professionalism and commitment towards your work.

In this section, you will find the data about your work’s performance on Upwork. It is really helpful to have this section in good condition.

This section actually affects your chances of getting work or the chances of getting new work or clients or customers on Upwork.

You will not be hired if your job success rate or your work is done is really low.

If you have not done any work through Upwork your rating will get affected in a negative way. This is also a key factor in keeping clients away.

But don’t demotivate yourselves. Upwork gives an equal opportunity to shine under the rising star sector.

It is an opportunity Upwork gives to freelancers who have just begun working on it.

Upwork for freelancers has a grace period in the rising star sector for newcomers. In which, you can prove yourselves by getting work, which eventually improves your ratings.

And show some work done through freelancer Upwork (necessary for attracting work in future or for having continuous work).

Step 4. List Your Certificates

Certificates that you have earned in your life by your hard work, they can come in your freelancer Upwork profile in their all glory.

Certificates are a must and prove our ability to get the projects done or any other ability. They also showcase our experience and assure our customers of our knowledge.

Not only that, if you can put a certificate of any extra thing you have done in the past can come in handy.

Certificate be of any date or place but must be related to your specialization you up in your profile is much appreciated.

For example: — If you have a language skill, be it a foreign language or computer language, you need to put on a certificate to prove your claim.

For freelancer Upwork that are in a linguistic department, certificates are must to prove your abilities.

Step 5. Review And Edit

For freelancer Upwork or for any profile on any online platform, there should be regular review and edit of your profile according to the market you work in.

We should not just stop after making a profile. We must check it for the betterment and for any necessary changes that could be required in it.

You need to make changes in it regularly by keeping in mind the necessity and the changes your market just had.

So, it is also an important factor for your freelancer Upwork profile. It is a booster for freelancers Upwork profile accounts which paves a path for new clients or work.

Final Words

We have discussed in detail all the necessary points required for the completion of your freelancer Upwork profile.

With the help of the explanation given above you can really optimize and create a profile that brings not only money but work also.

Also, the problem of getting work done once, and not getting it again will be solved now.

As we know how important it is for customers or works or clients to be continuously coming.

For this mainly you have to keep updating your introduction on your profile. It is the main and utmost important.

If you thoroughly follow the points explained above, you can have a good rating on your account with a good background of work history which leads to your success in freelancing on Upwork.

To summarise, as you read above, communication skills in the English language are a must for any professional platform.

Certificates are always welcome and can be an add-on for your professional freelancing profile.

At last, I would recommend a continuous review and analysis of your work profile on Upwork for freelancing.

As I said above it makes room for fresh content, paves a path for new clients, and can help you maintain a good and attractive freelancer Upwork profile.

And that’s all you can become the best freelancer on Upwork!!!

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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