Makeup Tips for College Girls

College Girls Applying Makeup

A guide to daytime makeup for college, with tips on the best makeup to wear to class and how to do your makeup in a hurry.
If you are in college, chances are you spend some, okay, a lot of time in front of the mirror each morning. Along with other things, looking her best is on every college-going girl’s to-do list. And why it should not be, after all, you are at your peak with a healthy body, skin and a relatively carefree mind. College days may be the perfect time to try out the latest makeup trends, but it is also the time for perfecting the basics and understanding what kind of makeup works in your favour. Makeup is a wonderful way to express yourself and enhance your beauty but if it is taking too much time or making you look overdone, clearly you are doing something wrong.

Here are some useful makeup tips for girls who go to college, that’ll save you time and help you look your best.

Apply a face primer

Face primers are formulated to smoothen out the skin by filing in the pores giving it a naturally polished look. Primer also acts as a base for your makeup helping it to last longer. Wear primer after moisturising the skin and before applying your foundation. You can also wear primer alone if you want to go light. It will blur out the blemishes and give your skin an even finish without feeling heavy.

Keep the base light

Save the heavy base for weddings and parties. If you have good skin, you can get away with minimum or no foundation. Young skin does not need a lot of coverage. Instead of full coverage foundation go for tinted moisturiser, BB or CC cream and set it with translucent powder. If you have blemishes and dark circle, hide those with orange or yellow colour correctors.

Blush and bronzer 

Add a hint of colour to your cheeks by sweeping on coral or pink blush. These are best for Indian skin tones. If your skin is on the fairer side, opt for coral blush and for those with skin on the duskier side, pink blush is more suitable. A sweep of bronzer on the hollows of the cheeks, jawline and edges of the forehead can give you a sun-kissed look. Choose darker bronzer for dusky skin and light one for lighter skin.

Do not underestimate the mascara 

A little bit of mascara can immediately add oomph to your look without much effort. If you are short on time (aren’t we all!), or on days when you want to skip the eye makeup routine, just add a few coats of mascara on your lashes, wear a lipstick and you are good to go.

Lip gloss or lip balm 

If you are not very comfy wearing lipstick to college, wear lip gloss or tinted lip balm. Apart from being subtle and fashionable, glossy lips are super cute. You can wear it to college, to office or a party; they just fit anywhere and keep your lips from drying.

Prep your lips

Dry, chapped lips are unsightly and uncomfortable. These will also make your lipstick or lip gloss look bad. Exfoliate your lips using lip scrub twice a week and always keep them moisturised with a lip balm or chap stick. Always apply lippy on clean, moisturised lips for best results.

Nail the nail art

Nails are one asset we all can experiment with. Try out new nail art ideas and unusual colours and add a fun element to your look. Nail art is quite popular and there’s a design for your every mood and style. Go ahead, get cheeky with your nail paint.

Avoid dramatic looks

Shimmery smokey eye with bold lips that you saw on Instagram would be fabulous for a party but it's not appropriate for the 11 am Finance class. Try keeping things soft and easy going by picking sorbet and pastel colours. A soft smoky eye can replace an intense one and blinding highlighter can be taken over by soft, natural glow.

Makeup removing ritual

However, less makeup you have been wearing, sleeping in it is never a good idea. All those chemicals can make your skin breakout and even cause rashes. Moreover, your skin needs to go bare and breathe as much as it can. Ensure to get all makeup out from your skin at the end of the end and wash your face before going to bed.
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