How to Make Money Online With E-books

How to Make Money Online With E-books

One of the easiest ways to get started with working online is by writing and publishing e-books. These books can be either fiction or non-fiction and should be for a particular niche. We have compiled 7 methods on how you can make money online with ebooks

  1. Self Publishing books on Amazon Kindle - Listing e-books on Amazon has continued to earn a number of people a sustainable income over and over again. Little or no revenue is required to launch. A person like E.L James self-published herself on Amazon after multiple agencies turned her down the name of the book was 50-Shades of Grey that has sold over 125 million copies and had a series of movies that has generated over a billion dollars in revenue. This is a clear indicator that e-books can take people places.
  2. Adding Affiliate Links in Your E-books - E-books tend to be cheap and to build an audience that will buy your e-books at the beginning tends not to be a sustainable source of income. To increase your income it is wise to embed affiliate links in your e-book. If you talking about beauty/make-up/cosmetics consider joining Amazon associates/affiliates and promote some beauty products listed on Amazon.
  3. Sponsorship deals - Do you have an awesome following on social media that believes in your content? Then it is time to write an e-book and it can even be your memoir, fantasy or just share your skills in writing. If the answer is yes now is the time to write a book and get sponsors, launch it and release it for sale. If you mention Nike let them know and they will sponsor you even small local companies will definitely sponsor the book.
  4. Upselling Your Products - Do you run a weight-loss business, fitness service, hair business or any business on your website? Here is another brilliant way to build a lucrative business based on a free ebook. Assuming you are in weight loss businesses you can demonstrate how to achieve a slim tummy with the aid of a sliming belt make sure you add a link of your website and customers will shop for it.
  5. Selling Your E-books on Your website - An e-book can cost as low as $0.99 to $99 or even more. Listing an e-book on Amazon kindle limits you from publishing your books any other place plus you have to wait for at least 60 days to receive payment from Amazon. To avoid all this create a website on either Shopify or WordPress and promote it. You will have access to cash instantly either by PayPal, m-pesa ,skrill or any other kind of payment system.
  6. List Your E-books on Social Media for Sale - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram are good examples of social media. On Facebook, there are huge groups to buy and sell from all over the world. List your books for sale in these groups and let people comment on your listing and that way you will be able to deliver the e-book in their inbox. Make sure you indicate the prices on your post to avoid freebies. You can receive payment via PayPal and if your customers are from all over the world. But if they are locals in your own country accept cash with your most popular payment method. To avoid PayPal charge-backs keep all your texts and conversation to act as evidence you delivered the digital product
  7. Building an Email List - Building an email list is essential for any internet business whether you are offering services or selling either physical or digital products. An email list helps one follow up on their potential clients/customer, remind followers of their existence, update clients about their new products or even grow their social media. Giving an e-book away to people in exchange for their email or phone number is a guaranteed method of making more money in the back end.

In case you have no time to write or cash to hire a writer please consider going for PLR(Private Label Rights) e-books. They cost around $12 and you can resell them as your own. We hope the article was helpful and has added some value. If you would like us to discuss a topic on how to make money online feel free to leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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