4 Effective Bicep Workouts for Women That Will Give Results

4 Effective Bicep Workouts for Women That Will Give Results

If you believe that arm workouts are only for men then you need to rethink a little. Getting toned and muscled arms are as important as any other exercise for your body. You cannot get that perfect physique without working out your arms. A negative myth about arm workouts is that they can make your arms bulky and will you make you look like the hulk. But the truth is that a women’s body cannot produce as much testosterone as men, as a result, you cannot get that puffed and muscular arms like men. The best thing about arm workouts is that they are very easy and simple, unlike other workouts. Bicep workouts are the most common type of arm workouts that people do. Bicep workouts for women are very similar to men’s.

Bicep workouts are all about curls; you may have variations in the doing these, but besides this everything is quite similar and simple. A bicep workout incorporates all forms of exercises, you can work out in a standing, sitting and even in a laying position. All these variations can help you engage biceps and build secondary muscles in your arms. Each form of the workout needs different weights and equipment; therefore you must understand the use of all the equipment and weights before you actually start your workout. The repetition of the workout also varies according to the required results or according to your stage of the workout. Normally 15 to 20 reps per set are recommended.

Understanding the Anatomy of your Biceps Muscles

Before you start looking for bicep workouts for women, you must first understand the anatomy of your biceps. Biceps are basically biceps brachii muscles extending from your shoulder to your elbow. It is a two-headed muscle, and beneath these muscles, another muscle is presently called biceps brachialis. Biceps brachialis provides the bicep its peak and added size; it also acts as a separator for the bicep and triceps muscles. While building biceps you must emphasize on both these muscles.

Different Bicep Workouts for Women That Will Give Results

Biceps are the easiest muscle to build; it’s true that you can easily develop these muscles but still there are several techniques that you must follow. Not doing any action properly can ruin your muscles rather than growing them, therefore it’s important that you understand the workout properly before you start doing them. Here are some of the most effective exercises that will help you grow stronger and better arms with much less effort.

The use of weights is very common in bicep workouts for women. Some women do fear using heavyweights as they think this would result in thick muscles, which is very wrong. As a women’s body cannot grow muscles the way a male can so don’t fear picking those dumbbells.

1. Standing Dumbbell Curl:

Standing dumbbell curl is one of the most effective bicep workouts for girls, which targets the biceps and also engages the whole body.

Dumbell Bicep Curl

The standing position can help you improve and maintain your body posture and shape. Below is your step to step guide for properly doing the exercise:

  1. Now stand still and exhale, while exhaling contract your biceps. Contract your biceps so much that your dumbbells are at shoulder level. Now hold this position.

  2. For your starting position, you must stand straight with dumbbells in both your hands. Keep your hand straight at an arm’s length, now move your palms in a way that they are facing forward.

  3. Now inhale slowing and move your dumbbells lower, back into the original position.

  4. Now repeat the procedure as much as you want.

There are several variations that you can do with this workout, you can do the same workout in a sitting position or with some back support. You can either move both your hands at the same time or you can make an alternative movement.

2. Barbell Preacher Curl:

For doing this form of curl you need a weighted barbell and a preacher bench. The bench is unlike any ordinary bench, it has a cradle which can be used for keeping the barbell. The bench is designed to provide your elbows and upper arms support.

Barbell Preacher Curl

  1. For starting the workout you must hold the curl bar against your shoulder’s length.

  2. For the preacher curl, you must first sit properly on the bench, place your arms on the bench pad and grab the bar. You must make sure that your palms are facing forward and are tilted a little for the bar.

  3. Now slowly inhale and lower the bar in a way that your whole arm is extended. This will make your biceps feel stretched.

  4. Now slowly contract your biceps and bring the bar back to its starting position. You must use the energy and strength of your biceps for this.

  5. You can repeat the process as many times as you require.

Follow the above steps to successfully completing your curl position.

3. Alternating Hammer Curl:

This is the 3rd amazing form of bicep workouts for women. This form of exercise can be done in both the sitting and standing positions. The sitting position can help you emphasize more on biceps while the standing position will help you engage your whole body.

Alternating Hammer Curl

Below are the steps that you must follow to achieve your desired results:

  1. This time your palms should face your torso, this is your starting position.

  2. Stand straight, with dumbbells in each hand; make sure that both your hands are at your arm’s length. Keep your hands close to your torso.

  3. While breathing out, keep your upper arm still you must curl your elbow in a way that your biceps contract, continue this until your dumbbells reach your shoulder’s level. Hold this position until you feel your biceps stretched.

  4. Now slowly bring the dumbbells back into its basic position, while you breathe in.

  5. Repeat the movement as many times as it’s recommended.

The hammer curl must be done in an alternative manner; you can either start with your right hand or left. Once you are comfortable with the exercise you can start moving both your hands together at the same time.

4. Concentration Curls:

As said above, bicep workouts are all about curl. As the name suggests concentration curls can help you emphasize your biceps solely. Since there are no other muscles involved in this workout, it is advised that you attempt these at the end of your workout plan.

Concentration Curls

  1. For starting the workout you must sit on a bench in a way that you could hold your dumbbells between both your legs. You must bend your knee and make sure that your foot touches the floor.

  2. Now pick a dumbbell in your right hand, you must place the back of your upper arm on your right thigh. Hold the dumbbell in a way that your palm is facing away from your thigh. For your starting position, you must hold the dumbbell above the ground.

  3. While breathing out slowly contract your biceps, make sure that your upper arm remains still so that your biceps would feel that contraction. Hold this position for a few seconds so that your biceps would squeeze properly.

  4. Now slowly bring the dumbbell back to its original position. Avoid swinging your arm.

  5. Repeat the movement as many times as recommended. After doing one arm repeat the same procedure for the other arm.

These are the 4 effective bicep workouts for women which can help women or girls to make strong arms. If you are one of them then these methods will help you lot.

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