3 super healthy snacks you can introduce to your children

Plain, natural yogurt is great for kids

Convincing your children to eat healthy snacks is very important, especially when they are at a young age. It sets a good standard for the type of food they will eat later on in life and teaches them to think very carefully about what they eat on a daily basis.

Here are three super healthy snacks you can introduce your children:


Easy to make and mighty delicious from the first bite, Ham Rollers are a great snack for kids at school or when they get home. To make your children some, slice an apple into wedges, top each wedge with a slice of cheese and wrap a sliver of ham around each one. You can even teach your kids to make Ham Rollers on their own when they’re old enough to handle a knife.

Fabulous Fruit

Probably the most obvious of the ‘healthy snack’ suggestions, for very good reasons, the fruit is a wonderful way to keep your kids happy and healthy. The best part of all is that every season offers new and exciting options for your kids to try. Whether they want a fruit salad, or simply some slices of soft and juicy watermelon, the fruit will help keep your kid(s) hydrated and full of much-needed nutrients.

Explore local markets for the best fresh fruit in season throughout the year.

Yummy Yogurt

Plain, natural yogurt is great for kids, unlike the flavored, hyper-sugary alternatives. Good yogurt can be used for all sorts of snacks from smoothies to fruit salad, and they deliver a delicious dose of good protein and calcium that the body is always grateful for.

Try adding yogurt to your kids' diet to improve the quality of the snacks they have available at home.
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