Female Sexual Dysfunction: Signs, Causes and Solutions

Female Sexual Dysfunction: Signs, Causes and Solutions

Female sexual dysfunction is a condition that can occur on the onset or along a woman’s journey of life. According to Wikipedia, female sexual arousal disorder, also known as Candace syndrome, or female sexual interest/arousal disorder, is a condition characterized by a persistent or recurrent inability to attain sexual arousal and maintain arousal until the completion of sexual activity.

Female sexual arousal disorder involves persistent and recurrent challenges with sexual desire, arousal, and response. The sexual response involves various scenarios, a correlation with the physical and emotional wellness. Other factors involve poor self-esteem/self-image, perceptions, culture, values, traditions, beliefs, experiences, and most expectations.

When expectations are not met, or any of the above factors are in play, this affects sexual desire, arousal, performance, and eventually satisfaction. This scenario can cause the individual, as well as their partner, a great deal of distress.

Generally, the victims suffer in silence choosing to live in denial as a result of fear, shame, and guilt. This state of affairs is unfortunate and if unattended, results in severe emotional distress and eventually costs the victims their relationship.

If you have experienced this challenge you are not alone. Many struggle in silence and ignorance, having no knowledge of what is happening to them.

Joyce had this to say: “I find sex such a chore. I have experienced a lot of pain and several years later, it has not gotten any better. I am traumatized at the thought and do not know what to do”.

Persistent and recurrent problems with sexual response, desire, orgasm can cause a strain on a relationship.

Signs of sexual arousal disorder

  • Low sexual desire

  • Sexual arousal disorder

  • Orgasmic disorders

  • Sexual pain disorders

Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is typically the result of factors such as

  • Lack of interest

  • Physical fatigue

  • Dislike of partner

  • Feelings of being forced to ‘do it’

  • Feelings of guilt, fear, shame, the inadequacy

  • Inability to say NO, or to speak up sexual preferences

  • Past negative experiences or memories

  • Partner’s infidelity

  • Competition with the sexual model in the media

  • Inability to shut down the ‘thinking mind’

  • Various medical, dermatological, physical causes

According to research studies, one can improve their sexual satisfaction by:

• Self-awareness

Increased awareness and self-acceptance is the key to freedom and sexual satisfaction. Be mindful of yourself and your partner and focus on the positive. Do not be too hard on yourself. Improve your ego by daily affirmations of self and communicate with honesty and sensitivity to your partner who will be crucial in helping you through the process of adjustment.

• Exercise

Exercise is good for you. It helps increase blood circulation not to mention the endorphins, good feel hormones that boost your confidence and self-esteem. The benefits of exercising cannot be overemphasized. It is associated with the general well-being of self.

• Lifestyle

Practice healthy lifestyle habits; avoid excessive alcohol, drugs, smoking, for they cause decreased sexual arousal, response, and satisfaction. Life is good, find ways of being adventurous and creative. Find ways to relax and in the midst of a stressful life, find ways to refresh, rejuvenate, and revive your body, mind, and soul. Being relaxed can enhance your sexual experience. Seek God, who is the giver of every good and perfect gift.

• Seek medical attention

While there are various home remedies for sexual dysfunction, seek medical attention in order to obtain the right diagnoses, and treat the correct condition.

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