10 Fitness Tips For Beginners

Fitness Tips For Beginners

How are we feeling about kick-starting our fitness journey? If you have been thinking about getting fit and healthy, then this feature is for you. The majority of us wait until we are given recommendations by doctors to start being active whereas, on the flip side, you could essentially save thousands from simply investing in your health.

Actions Steps

1. Thank the current version of yourself because you have gotten to this point. Be grateful that you can and are willing to go to elevate your health to the next level!

2. Have the end goal in mind because it will be a long journey. Who do you want to be as a result of this journey? Write it down, be very specific and honest with yourself. Put your answers where you can see them daily.

3. Enter the gym with the mindset for an audience of one. Trust me, most of the people in there feel as you do; apprehensive, reluctant, doubtful of their ability, and clueless with the equipment. Be present and don't focus on other people.

4. Commit to consistency. Here is the truth about personal trainers and coaches, what we do really isn’t magical. It’s the consistency that makes it work. If you, the trainee, commits to something, anything, for long enough, the change will happen! I have helped facilitate these changes for many people but the ones who have had the most success have been...consistent.

5. Be a student and don't shy away from asking questions. Ask for help because there is no shame in embracing the fitfam for support.

6. Pace yourself because building your body will take time. Be happy you are doing something for yourself and give yourself some credit.

7. Have no shame in getting exercises wrong and have no pride when corrected by a caring individual.

8. Practice positive affirming self-talk. Even if you must fake it sometimes, practice encouraging yourself. If you canʼt encourage yourself, who will? And besides, what benefit is negative self-talk?

9. Run your own race. This message bears repeating; run your own race. If you spend your time on social media comparing yourself with others, break that habit. No amount of comparison is going to cause you to change. Run your own race and put in the hard work.

10. Approach each training session with three things in mind. I will pay attention to every movement, safely endure past muscular discomfort and push and pull with the ferocity of lions. $ads={2}
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