Pregnancy advice: Dos and Don’ts of pregnant

Pregnancy advice: Dos and Don’ts of pregnant

If there a time in a woman’s life that she is bombarded with advice is during pregnancy. Suddenly every mother knows more than you who is pregnant. Some of this advice is relevant while some of it is neither here nor there. Before you implement any of the advice consult your doctor.

Below are pregnancy advice tips on the dos of pregnancy

  • Eat and follow a healthy diet, well balanced with all the nutrients

  • Attend your prenatal clinics regularly

  • Should the doctor prescribe you medication take them regularly

  • Avoid stressful situations both at home and at work

  • Drink water regularly to keep your body from dehydration during pregnancy

  • Relax and rest frequently

  • Your food should be high in irons, calcium, and folic acid. These will help the development of your baby and are also good for your changing body

  • To avoid constipation, eat food with high fiber to help in promoting digestion, such as fresh fruits, green vegetables, and whole-grain meals

  • Have an exercise routine. Engage in light pregnancy exercises such as walking and swimming. Remember as you start on this routine, consult with your doctor for advice on which exercises do at each stage of the pregnancy.

  • Keep clean, maintain high standards of hygiene, to keep infections at bay

  • Keep your body warm and comfortable

  • Dress in loose, comfortable clothing and shoes

  • Reduce the use of cosmetics and beauty products

  • Sleep well, enjoy and a good night sleep every day

Pregnancy advice: Don’ts of pregnant

  • During this period of pregnancy, every woman wants to ensure that she does not engage in anything that will be harmful to not only her but also her baby. See below some no! no’s! tips for pregnant women.

  • Keep away from raw foods especially meats, fish, and salmon

  • Do not self-medicate or take an overdose of a prescribed medicine

  • Reduce your consumption of caffeinated drinks such as sodas, coffee, and tea

  • Do not smoke

  • Stay off alcoholic drinks including wine as it may cause irreversible damage to the fetus

  • Do not overeat just because you are pregnant

  • You should not diet either, learn to eat short meals, space them out, may take a small meal every 3 months.

  • Keep away from stressful situations, they have a negative effect on the baby’s growth

  • Do not neglect any severe and unusual body signals, such as heavy blood flow, bloody virginal discharge, abdominal cramps, and back pains. These are dangerous signs for you and the baby.

  • Avoid vigorous exercises.

  • Avoid any contact with chemicals, toxins found in such as pesticides and paints

  • While preparing food at home avoid using species, too much oil, and fatty foods.

These tips will assist through pregnancy for safer childbirth and may you be blessed with a healthy newborn baby. So take care of yourself and enjoy this season in your life.

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