Monday to Friday Romance Guide to Building the Weekend Intimacy

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Let’s face it. Once you have kids, no matter what amount of intimacy, love, and understanding you share with your partner, the frequency of those private moments does go down. When you are a parent, the week goes by in the chaos of school rush, home assignments, project work, tuition, hobby classes, and not to mention, the many houses and office tasks.

No surprise then that most couples are barely able to have a basic conversation while having dinner (if you are lucky enough to eat dinner as a family!), forget about cuddling or cozy time. And even before you know it, the weekend arrives and is gone.

But moms, if you feel you are hardly ever getting any couple moments with your partner, the trick is to not just focus on sex, but try other things too.

Moms, we are all starved for time, especially a couple times, once we have kids. Here are many other small things that can help you cozy up until you find some free hours on the weekend.


Write a small note to your partner about how you had a wonderful weekend with him, and how you can’t stop but think about it. It could be a drive you guys went out for, with or without kids, a meal you had outside somewhere, a movie you watched together, or even, the sex you had. Telling your partner that you are thinking about him will make him feel special and loved, and will be a great start to the week.


Cook his favorite meal. It could be the entire dinner menu, one special dish that he actually loves, or even the dessert. But wait, don’t serve it to him at the table. Serve it out in a bowl and keep it aside, then tell him you will feed him yourself once the kids are in bed. If not, feed him a spoon right there at the table, and then let him enjoy it.


Did you ever receive flowers? Remember how it made you smile? Even if you haven’t, try this small but very sure way to make your partner really feel special. You can order it online, which is really very easy, or, if not possible, check with a florist beforehand and talk about delivery options (most florists do so).


Wear something he gave you, recently or long back. It could be a sari that he loves seeing you in, a piece of jewelry, a lipstick shade he picked for you, or even interesting lingerie. And don’t forget to tell him what that special thing is that you are wearing, coz let’s admit it, men don’t generally notice this, especially long into a marriage.


Don’t do anything. Don’t call him the entire day. He is sure to miss you and think about what you are up to. In fact, at night once he is home, tell him you thought about him every day of the week, and now, you want to see what he can do on the weekend.
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