Study: Your favorite beauty product might cause breast cancer

Favorite beauty product

A new study suggests that parabens in beauty products can be a cause of breast cancer

What causes breast cancer? Do beauty products cause cancer?

Beauty comes at a cost. And if it costs your health, then it's definitely to worry about. According to a new study, parabens present in personal care products and cosmetics may stimulate the growth of cancer cells in the body and can be a cause of breast cancer. Parabens are known to be estrogenic as they activate the same estrogen receptor as the natural hormone estradiol, states the study. It looked at cancer cells with two types of receptors—estrogen receptors and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2). The study reveals that more than 25 percent of breast cancers produce a lot of HER2, which grows and spreads rapidly.

What else can cause breast cancer?

There are several studies that suggest that a woman whose mother, sister, or daughter has suffered from breast cancer is two to three times more likely to encounter the disease. However, there is no study that specifically jots down exactly what causes breast cancer. Some of the things which may cause cancer are listed below:

Gene mutations: 

This can be inherited or occur due to external factors. Wrong administration of medicines

Obesity: Women who are obese are more susceptible to encounter breast cancer

Erratic lifestyle

Not following a routine and indulging in too much smoking and drinking can become a cause


Leading a stressful life is what causes breast cancer and it must be avoided.

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