Surviving Sudden Unemployment | Perspective

Surviving Sudden Unemployment | Perspective

I hope this article offers you a little inspiration if you've recently suddenly lost your only source of living and currently unsure where to turn next.

📍No job is too small or too big that's the reason the workplace ecosystem feels imbalanced/incomplete without support staff and all the layers in between to the CEO level.

📍Accept your situation and note that "unemployed" isn't the same as "unskilled", your experience is your biggest asset during unemployment.

📍Scan your immediate environment beginning with where you live and see if there're any "small" opportunities that match your skills, be it in a pharmacy, mini bakery, carpentry, metal works, plumbing, paintwork, beauty, hardware sales, waiting tables, or even voluntary work.

📍Take up the opportunity, be strategic, use it for a target period to network and to make some savings which you'll need when applying for "bigger" roles with better terms in your dream companies. 

📍Also, optimize your LinkedIn with your key achievements and complete it with working contacts, then comment, like, and share other people's posts to get noticed by recruiters.

Lastly, pray pray and pray!

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