Tips help your little ones learn how to start the day off and all by themselves

Kids Morning Routine!

Mornings are the perfect time to perfect your parenting. You may feel like you need a few cups of coffee before you start your morning routine, However, we have just the tips to get you ready to start the day! The American Occupational Therapy Association has stated that children need practice and to learn to engage in the morning routine independently. So these tips help your little ones learn how to start the day off all by themselves.

Stretch it out: Stretching can really be a productive way to start the day. Start off with an alarm clock which will let the kids know that its time to wake up. Then, stretching allows you and your child to prepare for the day and truly get your muscles moving in order to wake up. There are fun videos on the internet that can show your family basic morning stretches.

Prepare, prepare, prepare! The last thing you need in the morning is to go sorting through the dressers and sizing up your child to see if last year's 5T clothing will finally fit—only to find out that now it is too small. To avoid all the commotion, ensure that clothes are set out the night before. Have your kiddos suggest which items they want to wear and you can assist them in laying them out. It is also suggested that you pick a place to put them and stay consistent with that place.

Know your Breakfast ahead of time: Breakfast is deemed to be the most important meal of the day, but they never said that breakfast needs to be made in the morning! With that being said, preparing breakfast the night before can really help your routine get off to the right start. Your child can help crumbling fruit and granola into a yogurt or even placing veggies into an omelet.

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