This is a simple and delicious way to make a lovely satisfying meal which is a twist on your normal curry meal with the addition of peas which complement each other.


This will definitely make you think twice about matoke


➤8 Plantains
➤1 Large Onion(chopped)
➤2 Tomatoes(diced small/blended)
➤2 Carrots(Diced Small)
➤Handful Cooked peas
➤1 small green pepper
➤¹/₂ tsp dry chili flakes
➤1 small bunch chopped Coriander(Dhania)


Peel your plantains(Matoke) and place in salty cold water when finished with each piece. This is to avoid them from turning color before cooking.

When all pieces are peeled, rinse them and in a suitable cooking pot, boil them for about 10 minutes or until they are cooked but still firm when you stick a small knife into a piece.

Set aside to cool when done.

Cook the onion with little oil and allow to brown slightly then add the diced tomatoes, chili flakes and carrots to cook until they become soft. Add little water to avoid from sticking to the Surface. When the carrots are cooked, add the cooked plantains, green peppers, and the cooked peas and give a good stir.

Add hot water and allow to simmer for about 2 minutes.

Stir and allow to simmer for a final two minutes to make the gravy thick and full-bodied, taste and adjust the salt if necessary.

Add the chopped dhania at the very end, stir and turn off the heat.

Serve hot as a meal or with a small portion of meat and a side of your favorite greens on the side.

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