What Does It Feel Like to Have Sex for a Woman? Find Out!

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The biological act of sex can feel different for men and women. If you have ever felt curious about what different types of sex, like vaginal, anal, and oral, can feel like for a woman, there are certain variables that can be looked at to determine what most women will typically experience.

What Does Sex Feel Like to a Woman?

For Virgins

When a woman is a virgin, her first sexual experience may not be the pleasurable activity it was billed as. At the very least the feeling is uncomfortable, but some women feel pain upon penetration. Most virgins do not reach orgasm during their first experience. For a lot of women, their first sexual experience can be accompanied by anxiety, as they are not sure what to expect the sensation to be. If a hymen is intact, the process of breaking it can feel like burning and is often accompanied by a flash of pain.

What girls say about this:

"To be honest, first time sex to me feels kind of weird. Sure it was painful at first, but not frightfully so. The most feeling that I had was the awkwardness of having something that big to move inside and also you may have some very awkward feelings toward the person who you had sex with."

"Well, first time sex wouldn't be the most pleasant experience, nor would it be that horrible. My boyfriend was gentle, but it was still a bit scary at first with the immense pressure felt down there. However, when he got about an inch or two inside, the pain started fading and I felt this complex feeling of both uncomfortable and pleasurable. After sex, it was sore and I felt some aches and stings down there when I pee, but not too bad."

Tips for first-time sex:

The key for sexual partners of virgins is to go slow and to arouse passion through kissing and foreplay so that the woman is ultimately relaxed for penetration. Stimulating the clitoris is a great way to increase arousal and natural lubrication, and is often how most women ultimately reach orgasms. What does sex feel like to a woman who is a virgin can depend a lot on her partner.

For Non-Virgins

Vaginal sex for a woman who is not a virgin can depend on a number of factors. If the vaginal area is not moist enough due to natural or synthetic lubrication, the woman may experience a burning sensation during the moment of penetration. However, once the penis is fully inside the vagina, most women experience a sudden surge of pleasure.

What women say about this:

But what does sex feel like to a woman in her own words? Most women have trouble describing the actual sensations of sex, but for many, it is the anticipation right before penetration and the initial act itself that can cause immediate surges of pleasurable passion.

"The muscles of the vaginal area create a snug passage as they wrap around the penis, which causes the sensitive nerves in the area to feel a building intensity till it reaches a climax. It was like riding a roller coaster and the moment of orgasm feels like the stimulation of a high drop."

"I really enjoyed having sex with my current boyfriend. When it comes, my vagina is intimately aware of every inch of my partner as it enters me while my muscles begin to expand and contract to accommodate his penis. And I will gasp with pleasure at this moment."

"It is the fullness that really makes sex enjoyable for me. It can really be an amazing feeling to be penetrated, and if your partner hits the right spot, that pleasure intensifies. And the rhythm of the thrusting and the position matter a lot more than the size for the degree of pleasure you'll feel."

What Does Oral or Anal Sex Feel Like for a Woman?

Anal Sex

When it comes to anal sex, most women will either be all for it or against it. For those who have tried it, they have either experienced increased pleasure or pain.

For women who enjoy the pleasures of anal sex:

"With anal sex alone, it feels just OK; but when accompanied with clitoral stimulation, it increases the sensation of an orgasm even more than just vaginal sex. Every movement, be it thrusting, rubbing or climaxing, is 10 times stronger. I did not feel much pain during the process because we did a good job with lubrication."

For women who dislike anal sex:

"The first time we tried anal, we did not have enough lubrication, and it was like someone was scraping at my insides. The second time we had it, with lubrication, that scraping sense was better, but still not good and it just felt like that someone was doing something that shouldn't be done, weird."

Oral Sex

What does sex feel like to a woman if it is oral? Oral sex can be a great way to get a partner aroused for penetration, or can be a fun activity on its own. Typically, a partner will use his or her mouth to stimulate the genitals of the other partner, with different techniques using the tongue or teeth to increase pleasure.

About giving:

"I love the feeling of power that comes with getting my partner to orgasm by using my mouth, and I can derive pleasure simply through performing the act on him."

"For me oral sex is extremely unpleasant, and the taste of cum can be off-putting, whether swallowed or spit out. It was bitt and foul and I started to gag and even vomit. I really ruined my poor husband's orgasm in the worst way."

About receiving:

Women who enjoy the experience often appreciate an experience partner, or one who is willing to listen to her cues during the event. Sex feels differently for men and women, so it may take some coaching to make sure male partners know the right spots to hit.

"I love it if he knows how to do it right, noting my physical and verbal response. But I had this horrible experience with my first partner, who was really into this stuff but just did not know how to perform it, and it made me panic and just want it to be over."

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